10 actions that guarantee your waiter

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10 actions that guarantee your waiter

People who are communicated to use the services of service workers are divided into 2 types: some try to behave as respectful as possible, others do not think about their behavior. For example, some visitors to restaurants are trying to memorize the names of the service personnel and do everything to make it easier for them. Others do not bother with such trifles, hiding behind the phrase: «They are obliged to please me. This is their work. «

In April, the twitter customer, who worked as a waitress for a long time, wrote a thread about the underwater stones of her work. Among other things, she told about the annoying habits of visitors.

According to employees of cafes and restaurants, in many places prices for the children’s menu are lower than on the usual. In order for guests, wanting to save, they did not order children’s dishes exclusively,

Sometimes waiters have to refuse visitors to order from the children’s menu because of this rule and listen to full perturbations of the speech of frustrated visitors.

After leaving visitors, waiters should bring the table in order as quickly as possible.

Many visitors have a habit of habit after the meal to push the chair away from the table to stretch their legs and lean. But this,

I don’t like some waiters when guests after ordering change each other.

There are no cases when a large number of people who want to sit together at the same time in a cafe or restaurant. Usually in such cases the waiters shifted nearby tables. But if the company has come without warning,

When a big company suddenly asks to divide the bill, the waiter, everything is also smiling as familiarly, goes to the Cirera and starts counting in an attempt to properly distribute ordered dishes between guests. There is nothing impossible in this, however,

This was told by the waiter Stanislav Adams, when he gave an interview with Youtube-channel Luki. In cases where you ask for food, which is not in the menu, the restaurant worker will try to please and find a way out of the situation.

But difficulties arise when the guest insists on the dish, the ingredients of which are absently absent in the kitchen of the restaurant. The client also argues the waiter about this, although it does not have any relationship to draw up the menu.

Some waiters annoy freelancers who come to the cafe exclusively to work.

When the hall is filled, the waiters will value each minute to maintain the guests as quickly as possible and do not make anyone to wait. So it is not surprising that they are annoyed if we

Perhaps some of these claims may seem simple quirks, but, if you think about it, it is not difficult to get rid of such habits.

Tell us, what are the habits of people with whom you have to work, annoy you?

Waiting for your interesting comments!

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