10 household problems with which hydrogen peroxide can easily cope

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10 household problems with which hydrogen peroxide can easily cope

Hydrogen peroxide is a cheap pharmacy that is commonly used for disinfection of wounds and cuts. But this medicine can be used in everyday life to maintain purity in the house, especially since the preparation of the cleaning makeup will not require a lot of time and effort.

Wooden cutting board well absorbs all smells of products. Over time, a persistent unpleasant smell appears from its surface. You can get rid of it quickly and easily, applying hydrogen peroxide.

The board is abundantly watered with a 3% solution of this tool and leave for several minutes, and then rinsed in the sink. This procedure helps not only to remove the unpleasant smell, but also destroy microorganisms in the pores of the wood.

Cleaning the bathroom complicates mold, which accumulates in the corners and on the joints of the tile. Buying special means of household chemicals is not at all necessary. Eliminate disputes fungus will help a cheaper and safe way.

To prepare a cleaning agent, 100 ml of 3% of the H2O2 solution is mixed with 200 ml of water, 100 ml of 9% of table vinegar and 50 ml of 1% boric acid are added. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to contaminated areas. After a few minutes, the mold is easily removed with a sponge. To simplify applying, the liquid can be pouring into the spray and spray on the surfaces.

Medication for processing wounds is an excellent disinfectant for a toothbrush. Its bristles remain microorganisms that can cause caries and other oral diseases.

It is enough to soak the toothbrushes in the solution for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse. Such disinfection is enough to destroy pathogenic microflora.

Shelves in the refrigerator are also washed with medicinal solution. This procedure allows you to get rid of the unpleasant smell, remove pollution and disinfection.

In the hard-to-reach places of food containers, dirt accumulates over time, due to which the container acquires an unpleasant smell. The usual washing of flowing water is not able to cope with the problem.

It is much more efficient to clean the capacity of peroxide dissolved in water. For every 200 ml of liquids, 100 ml of medication is added. The resulting mixture is poured into a large tank and containers are immersed in it. After 15-20 minutes, they are rinsed with water.

Oxygen released during decomposition of hydrogen peroxide has bleaching and oxidizing properties. Thanks to this, it perfectly removes stains with light clothes. For this, the medicine is applied to pollution for 10 minutes, and then erased in a typewriter.

Such a procedure allows you to remove even complex stains from blood, herbs or sweat. So that the clothes were white, the RED processing agent is simply poured into the machine before washing.

The usual peroxide also helps strengthen the immunity of indoor plants. To do this, a tablespoon of medication is dissolved in a liter of estimated water. The resulting mixture spray plants every month.

Such a procedure not only strengthens immunity. After it, the plants are better absorbed by oxygen and grow more actively, and fungi do not multiply in the soil.

Closed bread box — a great place for the development of fungus. It smells unpleasant, and the smell remains even on bakery products. Normal washing does not eliminate the problem. To clean it is better to use a mixture of peroxide with water. Such a liquid not only removes the unpleasant smell, but also disinfects the surface, preventing the appearance of mold in the future.

The pharmacy preparation helps to cope with one more common problem — an unpleasant smell from shoes. He appears due to sweat, which remains on the insoles. To eliminate the problem, they are rubbed daily or sprinkle with undiluted medicine.

Toys that the child played on the street can be a source of pathogeful microorganisms. Not all of them are washed away with ordinary wash. For disinfection toys it is better to handle peroxide, rinse with water, and then dry.