10 most unusual sources of alternative energy

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10 most unusual sources of alternative energy

Buoyant Airborne Turbine (Bat), a huge aerostat with a wind turbine, can gain a height of up to 600 meters. At this level, the wind speed is significantly higher than that of the earth’s surface, which allows you to double the production of energy.

Oyster Yellow float is a surface of the pump, which is located on a 15-meter depth in a semi-kilometer from the shore. Using the energy of the waves, Oyster («Oyster») distinguishes water to a completely ordinary hydroelectric power station located on land. The system is able to produce up to 800 kW of electricity, providing light and warm to 80 houses.

Biofuel based on algae

Algae contain up to 75% natural oils, grow very quickly, do not need arable land or water for watering. From one acre (4047 sq. M.) «Sea grass» can be obtained from 18 to 27 thousand liters of biofuels per year. For comparison: sugarcane with the same source gives only 3,600 liters of bioethanol.

Solar panels in window glass

Standard solar panels convert the sun energy into electricity with an efficiency of 10-20%, and their operation is quite cost. But recently scientists from the University of California have developed a transparent panel based on inexpensive plastic. Batteries draw energy from infrared light and can replace ordinary window glass.

Volcanic electricity

The principle of operation of a geothermal power plant is the same as at the heat-power plant, only instead of coal, the heat of terrestrial subsoil is used. For the extraction of this type of energy, areas are perfect with high volcanic activity, where the magma is suitable close to the surface.

Spherical Solar Battery

Even in a cloud day, the Betaray glass filled with liquid is four times more efficient than the usual solar battery. And even in a clear night, the sphere does not sleep, removing the energy from the lunar light.

The Scientists of the National Laboratory named after Lawrence in Berkeley (California) managed to modify the virus-bacteriophage M13 so that it creates an electrical charge in mechanical deformation of the material. To get electricity, just press the button or spend your finger along the display. However, while the maximum charge, which was able to obtain the «infectious path,» is equal to the possibilities of a quarter of a micro-cell battery.


Thorium is a radioactive metal similar to uranium, but capable of giving 9 times more energy during decay. In nature, it is 3-4 times more often than uranium, and only one gram of a substance in the amount of heat released is equivalent to 7400 gallons (33640 liters) of gasoline. 8 grams of thorium enough so that the car can go over 100 years or 1.6 million km without refueling. In general, Laser Power Systems announced the start of the work on the thorium engine. Let’s see!

Microwave Engine

As you know, the spacecraft receives a pulse to take off due to the emission and combustion of rocket fuel. The foundations of physics tried to cross the Roger Sheer. Its EmDrive engine (we wrote about him) does not need to be combined, creating cravings with microwaves, which are reflected from the inner walls of the hermetic container. Ahead is still a long way: the forces of the thrust of such a motor lacking even in order to reset the coin from the table.

International Experimental Thermalide Reactor

Purpose ITER- recreate the processes occurring inside the stars. As opposed to the splitting of the nucleus we are talking about the safe and waste-free synthesis of two elements. Having received 50 megawatt energy, ITER will return 500 megawatts — enough to provide electricity 130,000 houses. The launch of the reactor based in the south of France will occur in the early 2030s, and to connect it to the energy network will turn out no earlier than 2040.