12 ways to make a long flight comfortable

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12 ways to make a long flight comfortable

At the beginning of this year, I returned from the second round-the-world journey, in which I committed from the Australian Sydney segment to the Hawaiian Islands

Register for flight online. Registration opens 24 hours before departure, so just put the alarm clock at the desired time to choose the most comfortable places in the cabin first. If you forget to register, and when there are no «delicious» seats already — do not be discouraged! 4 hours before departure, go to online registration, blocks of places that were reserved earlier will be available to online registration. I am so right 3 hours before departure on Kamchatka, standing in the queue for registration came from the phone and saw a lot of places that appeared by the window. I registered right in the queue there is a little Travelhak: Recall on what side you sleep, select a place by the window to climb on it with the same sider. This will allow you to fall asleep faster.

Repeat into comfortable clothing. This can be done even before takeoff, or immediately after a set by a plane of the desired echelon in the aircraft toilet. Toilets of aircraft that perform such long flights are quite spacious Believe me, in jeans it will not be very convenient. Clothes should be well stretching, if possible, eliminate odors. For example, yoga pants from Lycra. When you change back before boarding, put on yourself clean underwear and T-shirt. So you will feel the fresh, as soon as you leave the plane

I hope these small tips will save you from excessive stress during the flight and make your long flight comfortable.

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