15 shocking new technologies that change the world

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15 shocking new technologies that change the world

These inventions are not just just our attention, but also success in the world arena. After all, these technologies may cool our lifestyle. Good news — they do not have to wait for many years, because they are already here and ready to use!

Glowing plants

For a long time, scientists searched for cheaper and efficient methods of artificial lighting. Finally, they achieved success. They managed to create several types of plants that radiate light in the dark. Such plants can be used in the urban environment to reduce electricity costs. Not to mention the fact that the stone jungle some plants will not hurt.

Vertical farm

To make sure that humanity will always be provided healthy and fresh food, scientists and farmers united and created an innovative method of agriculture. From the traditional it is characterized by the fact that the plants are grown in a closed room, while the bias are made on saving space. Thanks to this method, people in cities will be able to grow food themselves or buy fresh products in stores at any time of the year.

Internet from a balloon

About four billion people in the world still do not have access to the Internet. Large online companies regularly come up with new ways, how to make the Internet available in all corners of the Earth. So the idea appeared to launch balloons to the atmosphere, which will «deliver» the Internet into hard-to-reach areas. Such a project will help residents of developing countries better familiarize themselves with the world around the world and find higher paying jobs.


Biotechnology is a branch of science that is looking for opportunities for combining technologies and living organisms for useful purposes. Useful products range from food, including cheese, yogurt and kefir, to drugs and biological sensors. Biotechnology continues to be improved and offered new solutions. At the moment, in biotechnology, the idea of grain crops resistant to droughts and more vitamins containing more.

Virtual reality

In view of the popularity of video games, the gaming companies are constantly developing increasingly sophisticated ways to give a player an unforgettable experience. Their main goal is to make us feel that we live in the game, and do not sit at home in front of the monitor. To achieve this effect, various companies produce a variety of products for immersion in virtual reality. One of the most interesting options — a mask, which during the game allows you to even feel the flavors of the wilderness.

Meat from the test tube

Many people stop eat meat, because they do not want to harm animals. For joy, scientists have come up with a method that allows you to create meat in the laboratory. Not only is it cuts resources and energy that is spent on the cultivation of an animal, this meat is more useful and the taste is no different from the present. Not to mention how many places are liberated on the planet when the livestock farms disappear.


Of course, we are still far to a costume of an iron man, but the first steps have already been made — exoskeletons are no longer a subject of fantasy, but the most real reality. They return to people with the spinal injuries the opportunity to walk and enjoy life fully. Over time, these primitive exoskels will become only better — it is easier to use, more convenient and cheaper.

Devices controlled by the power of thought

If you constantly forget where the smartphone was put — this news will have to do with you. Scientists have developed a method that allows you to control the devices for the power of thought. This technology was first tried on people who lost mobility. It turned out to be so successful that already in 2004 people played ping pong efforts. Such technology will definitely simplify our life, not to mention what opportunities it opens for the video game of the future.

Ultra-speed transport

The world does not get tired to expand, and more and more often we are needed to be in two places at the same time. Therefore, humanity is constantly looking for methods of faster movement. One of the best examples of new technologies in this area is Hyperpetle Ilona Mask. She promises to be so fast that the six-hour path from Los Angeles to San Francisco will overcome in thirty minutes. And this is not the only similar project being in development.

Change of genome

Due to the fact that more and more people are born with genes that make life complicate them and increase the risk of mortality, genetics have created technologies that allow you to «cut» the harmful genes, add new and «enable and off». And this is not just a way to make Llyudude healthy — this technology can help people who, for example, have always dreamed of being athletes, but are deprived of the necessary genes. Of course, such a procedure does not guarantee the result by 100%, and people still have to work a lot to master the desired skills.


Although people have long learned how to produce drinking water with desalination, old methods are too time-consuming and not enough effective. Now humanity has a deeper understanding of physics and chemistry, and scientists have created more efficient ways of desalination of water. Now it can be done not only faster and cheaper, but also with additional advantages. Among them are free minerals. Yes, in the water, they are full, and the desalinated water can be a cheap source of minerals needed for production. Plus, billions of tons of desalinated water can be supplied to the whole planet.

Real tricoder

If you are a fan of science fiction, then probably familiar with this device from StarTerek. It is his characters of the series used to measure medical records. The real version of this instrument can measure blood pressure, blood saturation with oxygen, pulse, temperature, breathing, and diagnose 12 diseases, including windmill and HIV.

Drones in agriculture

More and more farmers are asking for help from modern technologies. One of these helpers were drone. Although externally, they resemble those used in the army and film production, they have a very different functionality. Their main task is to make infrared pictures that allow farmers to determine where the seeds germinate successfully, and where problems begin. Some companies create agricultural drones that can destroy harmful insects, mold and other unpleasant things for harvest.

Super Materials

With a deeper understanding of chemistry, we learned how to create new, stunning materials. Their number includes graphene — the material that consists of only one layer of carbon atoms. Thanks to this thickness, it is easily stretched, has a high thermal conductivity and at the same time it has become tightly tightly. Grafen can be used in the creation … yes, anything. Grafen will make armored vehicles, clothing, computers and many other things much better and much more durable.

4D printers

You probably heard about 3D printers. But you can hardly know about the existence of 4D printers. Both perform one task — print materials or special items — but 4D creates objects that are capable of changing under the external influence. The fact is that living conditions are constantly changing, and what we needed yesterday can no longer need a year later. To avoid creating things that will serve only a short time, the researchers have created printers and materials that are surprisingly adapting to all types of change in the environment, damage and other potential hazards.