20 cheap products for healthy eating in crisis

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20 cheap products for healthy eating in crisis

Many people put a sign of equality between healthy nutrition and low-calorie nutrition. A huge amount of online pictures and sites devoted to a healthy lifestyle give us a clear idea of what healthy food is:

Healthy food is a plate with three lettuce leaves cut into four pieces of cherry tomato and a small piece of salmon pair; All the dish sprinkled with some seeds, there is a green apple, wrapped with a centimeter ribbon.

This picture is so firmly stuck in our subconscious, that when the question arises about the transition to a healthy diet, it floats in front of the eyes, and all of our body begins to protest against the hungry diet.

The crisis, constantly growing prices, the lack of confidence in the future causes a genetic memory in us, which speaks clear and clearly: it is necessary to make reserves. The presence of such memory has long been confirmed by scientific — memories and experiences are transmitted from the brain in the genome, which allows them to transmit them to the next generations.

We have experienced the experience of ancestors over the past 100 years, and if we can realize that it is not necessary to store the boxes of stews and pasta, our body is still trying to protect themselves in case of hunger.

Healthy nutrition is food, ensuring growth, normal development and human activity. Such nutrition contributes to health promotion, the prevention of many diseases, including maintaining normal weight.

We exist the opinion that healthy food is expensive. And yes, if you go to the supermarket in the healthy nutrition department, then you can actually lose your appetite on it.

But the truth is that normal rational healthy nutrition can be organized with a minimum budget. By eliminating expensive sausages, juices, carbonated drinks, a large number of pastry products will be able to save on it.

Below the top 20 cheapest and useful products in the winter season.

It is worth choosing not expensive advertised brands of sweet yoghurts, which swearingly promise you to return the ease of abdominal, and the products of local milkwater.

Carefully read the label where we are looking for the word «yogurt». According to GOST R 51331-99, it is impossible to call the product that has undergone a «yogurt». In one gram of yogurt should be contained at least 10 million «living» cells of dairy bacteria, for which we are this yoghurt and appreciate. If the packaging is written «yoghurt product», «on the basis of yoghurt», «yoghurtosha» or besides the name «Sunny», the name of the product itself is generally modestly silent — this is not our option. And in general, the smaller the ingredients in yogurt and kefir — the better. The perfect option is milk and frustration.

We remember that inexpensive yogurt and kefir in the inexpressible packaging are no less useful than the most expensive product in a stylish small glass jar worth with a simple kefir box.

There is an English saying «An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away» (who eats an apple a day, doctors do not happen). Indeed, apples help keep health, as well as some additional trifle in the wallet. Apples are rich in vitamin C, contain both insoluble and soluble fibers. They can be added to a variety of dishes if you do not like them just nibble. Well, of course, it is better to buy local apples, let them and not so beautiful and brilliant as imported.

The cheapest of exotic fruits appreciate, first of all, for the high content of potassium supporting the work of the heart. In addition, there are quite a lot of vitamin C in bananas. The use of bananas in food will allow you to get rid of heartburn, depression, regulate the work of the intestine, reduce the risk of diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney cancer. And still the banana has a sufficiently high calorie and can be a satisfying snack.

This inexpensive vegetable is characterized by a high pectin content, stimulating digestion and growth of useful microflora, and also known as the main source of beta-carotene. It is useful to know that beta carotene from carrots (and other vegetables) is better absorbed when it has undergone heat treatment, and besides, it is eaten simultaneously with any fat.

The red beets gives betaine (lat. Beta — beet). Betaine reduces the level of toxic amino acid (homocysteine) causing the disease of the cardiovascular system. Its beneficial properties of beets preserves both in the cheese and in the boiled form. When stored, all the beneficial properties of beet are preserved for a long time. The beette contains a lot of iron, of all vegetable products in the content of iron, the beets are in second place after garlic. And according to the content of iodine, the beet is ahead of alone sea cabbage.

Now we are talking about chicken breasts, and not about fried fatty chicken chips.
Chicken fillet is the cheapest source of high-quality protein, the main part of which is amino acids. It also contains phosphorus, vitamins H, group RR, B, Magnesium, sulfur, chrome, zinc, cobalt.

Now many people will indignant and say that olive oil cannot be attributed to cheap products. But if you relate the benefit of olive oil and its cost, it turns out that the price is quite lifting. And if you refuse the semi-package of mayonnaise every day in favor of two teaspoons of olive oil, the benefits of health and figure will be simply indescribable.

To refill one portion of salad, one teaspoon of oil is enough.

The bow contains a significant amount of vitamins C, A, B1, B2, RR and Inulin, which stimulates the growth of useful microflora in the human body. In addition, phytoncides were found in the bulbs, overwhelming the growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Regular onion consumption reduces cholesterol synthesis. Many consider the onions with a spicy aromatic plant, which is added to the dishes in minimal quantities, but also full-fledged bow-based dishes can be tasty and useful. It is not necessary to abuse onions only to people with acute diseases of the digestive system and kidneys.

The benefits of rice mainly depends on the method of its processing. Coloring white rice — contains very few beneficial substances. The «averaged» option is a ribbed rice having a light brown shade, it maintains the bulk of the useful substances. The most useful is the unlightened or brown (brown) rice. It is cleaned only from the top husk, leaving all bran and useful substances. The unlightened rice contains an average of 3-3.5 times more protein than white, and 12 times more fiber (1.6 Gy to 0.37 Gy), thereby cleansing the body perfectly.

The egg contains a variety of nutrients and consists of a complete set of easily digestible proteins. It is a source of beneficial folic acid, biotin and choline. Selenium, located in the composition of this product, has powerful antioxidant properties. When using just one egg per day, you get up to 15% of the daily protein rate, and the amino acids contained in the egg are actively working on the construction of new tissues of the human body.

As we have already written, healthy nutrition is not a limited nutrition without the ability to afford sweet.

Black chocolate differs from all other chocolate species. In the absence of milk components and a high content of cocoa beans — at least 70%. In black chocolate there is a sufficient amount of essential oils, preventing cholesterol deposits on the walls of blood vessels, which prevent the appearance of atherosclerosis. Bitter chocolate helps to increase the body’s tone. Alkaloids caffeine and theobromin have a stimulating effect, so if there is no good mood, eat bitter chocolate and you will definitely appear.

Cultures of the legume family are unique: useful, tasty, nutritious, rich in fiber, vitamins (A and group B), flavonoids, iron, calcium, carbohydrates, folic acid. They are distinguished by high protein, fats and starch. On the content of protein beans are close to meat, so they can replace them for vegetarians. Bean protein in its chemical composition is close to the animal, but is much easier to be absorbed by the human body.

Sub-products are liver, kidneys, heart, etc. — All that is in the carcass other than muscle tissue (meat). It sounds not very appetizing, but it’s really cheap. The most expensive and easy-to-cook sub-product is a liver. Separately, you can select chicken offal — hearts, ventricles and liver. On the Internet you can find millions of recipes, how to cook them.

A rather cheap product to which few people pay attention. And in vain. The content of a large number of important minerals, vitamins and trace elements makes laminaria with a practically an invaluable product, especially for the regions distant from the sea, where their deficit is observed. One of the most valuable components — iodine, but also the composition is sulfur, zinc, bromine, magnesium salt, iron.

In the forums of bodybuilders, whole branches are devoted to the bodybuilders and recipes. The perfect product is not enough fat, a lot of protein.

Cottage cheese is superior to all dairy products on the content of protein and by the degree of assimilation. The proteins in the composition of cottage cheese are easily cleaved on the amino acids: tryptophan, methionine, choline and others, the necessary human body. Cottage cheese is recommended for children, elderly people and patients recovering after the disease, precisely because of easy assimilation.

Crupes are crushed or whole grains of predominantly cereal crops. Of particular value are whole grain cereals (Perlovka, Oats, buckwheat, millet). The benefits of each type of croup can be written on a separate article. But it is important to keep in mind — it is whole generic cereals that should be a daily source of carbohydrates, and not white bread and cakes at all.

Usually on the shelves of supermarkets at the level of the eye are bright colorful packaging, when looking at the prices of which disappears the desire to buy them. We advise you to look at the bottom shelves — it is there that the desired non-sparkled kilogram packages will be lying.

No article about healthy nutrition does without mentioning salmon fish: Salmon, trout, as a source of omega-3 polynaturated fatty acids. Red fish with helpful and tasty, but you can’t put it in the crisis basket.

And by the way, simple, weakly salting herring is no longer inferior to expensive varieties of fatty acids. Immediately you can mention fishing little things like washing and sprat. The main thing in these fish is that they can be quite used together with the bones. And this means: to use calcium and phosphorus in an optimal combination, so necessary to maintain the good state of bones and teeth.

By the number of vitamin C, it overtakes oranges, and calcium in it is greater than in milk. Cabbage stimulates the production of red blood cells, contributes to the rejuvenation of tissues, activates the metabolism, regulates the fat exchange, lowers blood cholesterol, increases immunity and strengthens the heart muscle. Cabbage retains their useful, vitamins and when serving. The nutritional value and the use of sauerkraut is caused by a high content of lactic acid, mineral salts and vitamins.

For some reason, undeservedly forgotten radish rarely can be found on the shelves of expensive supermarkets, but it is in excess to the collective farm markets.

Radish contains such minerals needed by man like potassium, phosphorus, sodium, iron. Therefore, radish is useful with reduced immunite, as well as at elevated arterial pressure.

Radish is rich in vitamins group in and nicotine acid (vitamin PP), so it uses it is useful for diseases of the nervous system. In addition, it normalizes protein exchange.

The average level of calorie content of rye bread prepared by classical recipe is 174 kcal, which are contained in 100 grams of the product. The benefits of rye bread becomes obvious only to look at the vitamin and mineral composition of the product. Rye bread contains the overwhelming majority of useful compounds from the so-called vitamin alphabet.

The composition of rye bread contains vitamins of group A, B, E, N, as well as PP. In addition, the benefits of rye bread consists in the content of such natural compounds as choline, zinc, iodine, manganese, fluorine, molybdenum, iron, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, calcium and others. Interestingly, the biological is the fullness of the chemical composition of rye bread is much higher than that of a wheat version of the bakery product.

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