4 situations where your jealousy is fully justified

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4 situations where your jealousy is fully justified

Is he smiling waitress or nods politely women sitting at the next table? Relax. But if he spends half the evening, hanging out with the administrator or other ladies, then this is a reason for excitement. «He must show you how important you are for him,» says Jane Greer, Doctor of Philosophy, New York expert on relationships. If you meet someone for a short time, then you have to get to know each other better to find out if he always behaves like that, or is it a pure randomness. But your regular partner should say right about what bothers you.

If your husband says that he is forced to work daily late, this is not a reason for panic. But combine it with other suspicious actions — the messages that it does not explain, a decrease in the money on the credit card — and this will be fully another story. Here you can already take care of your husband as careful.

Whether you are in a restaurant or for your own dining table, «phones should be far from you,» says Greer. The guy who remains glued to his smartphone is completely indifferent to you. «You have the full right to talk about it,» says Greer. If the behavior does not change — this is a sign that it is not interested in you and does not appreciate what you are doing for him.

If he flirts with everyone, then, in your relationship, something has become wrong, and here you can talk about how to return the former spark. «Look, how to eliminate the split between you,» says Greer. Meanwhile, if your partner is flirting only with one specific person (i.e., this is not you), it is definitely a problem, as it might mean that he is passionate about someone else.