5 errors that make hand washing useless

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5 errors that make hand washing useless

Hand washing is a very important procedure, without any of our day. We do this without thinking, but this is our big mistake. I just just wash your hands, you need to be able to do it right and on time. Only in this case one can be sure that no microbes threaten the body. What errors can we allow when washing hands?

Quickly wash your hands

Scientists have established that about 95% of people do not wash their hands long enough to effectively clean the skin from dangerous bacteria. The average duration of the procedure was only 6 seconds. But according to the rules, hand washing should last at least 20 seconds.

Wash only palm

Experts warn that wash the palms is not enough to clean the skin of the hands. Microbes are hiding not only on the palms, but they are more like to be under the nails and in sites between the fingers. Therefore, these places need to pay special attention whenever you wash your hands. Having become vigorously and tritte your hands and fingers to remove dirt, fat and microbes from them.

Bad to dry hands

Even if you do not allow the first two mistakes, your health can be endangered in cases where you are not correctly dried. Humidity is ideal conditions for reproduction of microbes. Therefore, after each wash, wipe them thoroughly. It is allowed to use electrical dryers. However, experts recommend to give preference to paper or tissue towels.

Wash your hands only after visiting the toilet

Most people wash hands only before eating and after visiting the toilet. But during the day we constantly touch the subjects that have tried a large number of people before. It can be a railing in the stairwell or subway, the elevator buttons or an ATM, door handles and a lot more. They may have a huge amount of malicious bacteria. Therefore, experts recommend periodically to wash their hands throughout the day. It is especially impossible to be lazy to do it in the flu season and colds.

Use liquid soap in public toilets

It is difficult to believe, but the dispensers refilled from a large bottle of liquid soap can lead to a 26-fold increase in the number of bacteria on the hands compared to the dispensers that fill from sealed bottles. This is usually happening in public toilets. Therefore, it is better to purchase a special paper soap that will make it easily wash your hands outside the house.