5 recommendations how to be a good guest

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5 recommendations how to be a good guest

When you travel, you still do not live at home, but those who are ready to provide you with a place. Whether it is hostilities with airbnb or similar certificates, or just hotel rooms, it is important to leave a pleasant impression everywhere. Perhaps you will never come to the same place anymore, and perhaps it will become your beloved and constantly visited. Take advantage of the tips below and then your journey is supplemented by pleasant memories and new acquaintances.

Tell me in advance how much you will.

It is clear that you do not know this for sure, but write the time from + — 2 hours at least. We also recommend writing that in an hour, either half an hour before the exact arrival will receive a notice. The hosts are preparing for a meeting with you and often transmit keys in person personally, so it is difficult for them to make their own schedule if you do not tell me how much you will be.

Respect someone else’s space.

What do we mean? Go away at the entrance, do not make sure if the time after 23:00. Just maintain order, it is not difficult — do not leave the garbage everywhere, but fold it into the trash. Do not leave hair on the sink, scattered things and so on. This does not mean that you need to take the mops and wash the floor with you, just pay 3-5 minutes. Its time is about when you evaporate. And wash the dishes behind yourself.

Exceptions is a luxury housing, there it will not need anything from you. But if you often remove housing for 10-25 € per night, we advise you to adhere to our recommendations.

exactly want cool feedback? Take your local sweetness or delicacy!

For example, a Russian cedar bump with nuts stands literally 1-2 $, but it tastes just wonderful and the process of mining nuts from the cone can become an advanced entertainment. If you have a place for a small gift — take it, the host will be very nice 🙂

If you are shooting exactly the room, and not all housing, specify the details.

For example: is it possible to use the kitchen; Is it possible to take tea and cereals from the shelves; Is it possible to bike bike. Check in advance where it is better to put the car and other similar moments.

That is, if the owner lives next to you, do not be afraid to ask. If some problem (for example, too cold in the room) — Immediately decide it, usually the owner is always ready to help you.

During arrival, check the exact time of departure (Check Out).

This time is always spelled out in your profile, but if you have forgotten it, it is better to clarify, and say in advance how much you will get up in the morning (the hosts are asked, as they sometimes want to cook you breakfast or leave for things while you are going, or They want to be to your departure).

And the main advice — be benevolent. No need to build a sociable person, if you are tired and you do not want to talk with anyone. Just feel at home (well, we are at home just constantly support the order) and thank at the end of the reception.