8 advantages of writing pen and 2 contraindications

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8 advantages of writing pen and 2 contraindications

Write a feat knob easier.

An indisputable fact is that good (see remark 1) The feat handle will easily slide on paper, practically not requiring pressure. The hand does not get tired and you can write for hours (to those who need it) without fatigue. This is especially noticeable. This is the fact of those who switched to the pen with the pen, and then he happened to write something «ball». Oh, how annoying it.

But! There are good ballpoint handles / rods and there are also mediocre feathers. About them — separately, not in this article.

Finger handle is health.

Many of us spend a lot or a lot of time in front of the monitor and keyboard with the mouse. Many are in the risk area «earn» a disease of the wrist tunnel syndrome, due to the rather monotonous movements of the brush when working on a computer.

I am known to at least one case, there is probably more when a professional «keyboard» worker was able to cure from tunnel syndrome, trying to write with pen and starting a rule regularly, once a day, write something a feature handle in the volume of A4 sheet.

Recovery is due to the fact that when writing a pen, a hand brush makes smooth movements, radically different from movement when working with a mouse and keyboard.

Feather handle is stylish.

The traditions of the production of feathers have a multi-year experience. Pay attention to which thoroughness and taste are made good handles. They are just nice to keep in hand. And if such a handle sees in your hands a neighbor (s) on a lecture audience or work colleague, attention (respectful) is guaranteed.

You can pick up a handle for yourself as a conservative eternal design,

So with a modern technocratic appearance. In accordance with your style.

If you write a lot in your educational or professional duties, then most likely, you write dozens of ball rods per year. The ball rod of acceptable quality costs 40-60 rubles (it comes, for example, about the rods of Japanese production of companies Pilot, Pentel, Zebra and the like) (see remark 2). Total amount raids for 1000 rubles per year.

The best quality of the ink Parker, Waterman in the size of two bottles will cover your annual needs. And you will be up to you only 200-350 rubles per vial.

And if you use good ink of the rainbow for 20-30 rubles per bottle … Benefit at all rolls

Fell shapes (with your help) beautiful handwriting.

Why do you need? In addition to the aesthetic satisfaction with the work done, clear, neat, stylish handwriting can serve you a good service when applying for a statement somewhere, allotes your exactly among other content. Perhaps it will turn your life …

The widest choice of color ink

You can choose your ink color under your mood, a tie color or handbag, under the color of the handle itself, under the color of your eyes, etc. Look only on a part of the range of colors just one of the firms producing ink, Diamin.

With the choice of colors for ballpoint handles it is difficult to make it difficult.

Pen is a new feeling every day.

Most feathers are written in different ways. This concerns the thickness of the pen and line, the saturation of the line, the elasticity of the pen, the pen shape, the shape of the handle and the material from which it is made.

You can choose one handle that you will write constantly and which you are most suitable.

And you can collect a small collection of several handles and change them every day (week, month) and get from part of your activities (letters) new sensations every time change the writing tool.

With a ballpoint handle and a rollover it is not so easy to do.

Advantage №8 — a little later, and now …

You do not want to «bother» with the selection of pen, filling in ink or ink cartridges, improving your handwriting and do not bother at all any questions of your life. Then do not waste time and do not bother. Feather — not for you. Bye.

You write a lot on the blanks that require confident pressure of the writing node, in order to make a copy through the copy-ache. Or you write a lot on bad paper, on which any ink is simply blurred (again some blanks are empty).

In this case, really, the feat hand does not fit you. For this type of work.

For others — quite.

Advantage №8 — Community.

In this world, many people communities. Different communities of different people.

And the world of lovers and adherents of writing a pen with a featful handle is very and very attractive. Most of them are extraordinary, are well educated (or will be such), with them there is something to communicate (not only about the handles) and they can be trusted. I myself was pleasantly surprised when, after a perennial pause, I returned to the pen.

Join the community of interesting people. Not even knowing them yet.

If it’s close to you, try the pen (again).

REMARK 1. A good quality feathered handle is not at all equal to the concept of an expensive handle. And on the contrary, also, dear often does not guarantee quality and reliability.
Remarika 2. Yes, you can write inexpensive / cheap ballpoint handles. But believe me, the difference in sensations with high-quality ballpoint handles is very and quite
Significant. And the feather writes even more pleasant.

Waiting for your interesting comments!

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