About food flavors need to know!?

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About food flavors need to know!?

Food flavors are tasteful substances that are used to give food flavors and / or taste. In confectionery, they are added in such a quantity so that it corresponds to their content in certain products that are not subjected to processing, otherwise the consumer qualities of the finished dish are lost. Depending on the composition, all flavors are divided into three types: natural, artificial and identical natural.

Natural flavoring is a foodstuff, which has one or more flavoring products of heating, frying or fermentation. It may be extract, essential oil, essence or any other product that contains components obtained from juices, vegetables, spices, herbs, bark, leaves, as well as various animal products.

From the source materials, natural flavors are extracted by physical ways:

For example, dry powders of plants are obtained by removing water from a crushed plant or juice. Food production using exclusively such substances is impossible. First, such raw materials have a high cost, secondly, natural flavors are most often weak or not enough.

Identical natural is the flavoring agent, which contains one or more flavoring agents, which, according to the content of the main aromocomponents and their chemical structure, are fully consistent with natural. But the most important thing is that the whole flavor or only part of its components is obtained by artificially. It is with the help of chemical synthesis that such a popular flavoring is obtained, as vanillin, and targeted effects on fermenting and the development of certain microorganisms are obtained by flavors of mustard, cheese, horseradish, butter.

Artificial flavoring contains one or more tasteful chemical compounds that have no analogues in nature. They are obtained only with the help of chemical synthesis. Artificial flavors have advantages. They are distinguished by high intensity, stability and low price. If such flavoring substances are manufactured in accordance with quality standards, they are absolutely safe.

Also, flavors are divided into types of:

No species of food flavors received their own codes. A group of such additives is very diverse and has thousands of substances. In addition, a set of them consist of several components.

Artificial, natural and identical natural flavors are used in the production of confectionery, beverages and various dishes, as it allows:

Food flavors are prohibited to apply for disguise the aromatic properties of spoiled products and unpleasant taste qualities of dishes made from poor-quality raw materials.