About wise men and fools

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About wise men and fools

In the world there are wise people and stupid. Of course, it is very easy to distinguish them. But usually people make others wise men and fools, depending on what ideas and thoughts they speak. But the level of knowledge and reading does not yet mean that the man is wise. The sage is the person who knows the laws of life and skillfully uses them. And the fool is the one who considers himself smart, but not really can achieve its goals.

The fool grieves and wishes, and the sage works and waits. A fool sees obstacles to achieving his goal only in the outside world, in other people or unpleasant events. The wise man understands that it is necessary to work (on himself, on the transformation of his life, over errors and problems), and waiting for his works to bring results.

A fool is poor, the sage is rich. But wealth is measured not by the amount of money. Poor is the one who is dissatisfied, rich is the one who is happy already exist. And even richer is the person who is generously disposed of what has.

Obviously, fools are less happy, because their happiness depends on certain circumstances, events and people. They believe that only the presence of some factors can make them happy. The wise man understands and knows that happiness needs not to wait, but to create himself. It, like any feeling, it arises, then disappears, depending on the state and internal self-satisfaction of a person.

Fools consider themselves good people, although in fact are vain, as they show their inquiries to the whole world. Wise men are kind people and often do not like to talk about it. If after your gift to another person you are offended by him because he did not thank you and not pleased, it means that your gift was caused by vanity, and not love. If you do good and do not expect thanks, it means you really do it from the soul. If, making good actions, you want to tell about him to the whole world and get gratitude, then you act from egoism, not from the good heart.

A fool and a sage is the states of people and lifestyle. It is impossible to call a fool of only one who has no higher education. It is impossible to call the sage in a well-read person. People become wise men and fools only on those actions and lifestyles they lead. Does a person achieve goals? Is a happy person? Does it relate to others respect? These and many other factors say who is a sage and who is a fool.