Allergy puzzles

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Allergy puzzles

Allergy is a disease that can take a wide variety of forms. Many people do not even suspect that they have an allergy. There were cases when a person became bad in the circus. He was allergic to horses. This insidious disease can be labeled in the body for several years until he knows with an allergen. Allergies can be inherited from parents or acquire during life. Our lifestyle and environment is to blame. Residents of large cities are more predisposed to allergic reactions. You can earn asthma if you live next to the car highway.

Susceptible and constant people are more susceptible to allergic reactions. If a person suffers from allergies to flowers, even an image of a flower can cause an allergy-like state.

Psychologists believe that allergies occurs when a person in life cannot accept something. Or he has difficulty in relations, offense or dependence on another person. Stress provokes allergic reactions, and it is necessary to urgently get rid of negative thoughts. Children may have various skin redness when parents are in a quarrel. So, the child attracts attention to himself, trying to river mom and dad.

Sometimes we ourselves make our skin more susceptible to allergens, opening the way to our body. Detergents violate the protective barrier of the skin. Excessive cleanliness makes the skin dry and irritated. Allergens begin to penetrate it through it. If a small child is surrounded by a sterile atmosphere, its immune system remains without work and atrophy. Antibodies with which we have awarded nature to fight parasites, are now fighting with house dust allergens. And these antibodies have become a hindrance man.

Houses in which we live, and the air that we breathe — do not correspond to our biology. The level of toxins is now much more than in the past. We had an allergy to a modern lifestyle. The strongest reaction of the body for medicines, especially antibiotics. Using milk, we consider it useful. But there is no guarantee that the cow did not give antibiotics. Not all people who consider themselves allergies are actually them. There is food intolerance that does not include the immune system. Between meal and reaction goes far more time — about 8 hours.

The immune system of allergy is very strong, although it works incorrectly. Perhaps this is not a disease, but some advantage. Numerous experiments have shown that allergies are less suffering from cancer. Nevertheless, allergies are a disease that needs to be monitored and treated.