Apartment: 6 main minuses and several advantages

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Apartment: 6 main minuses and several advantages

Apartments or apartments — a choice, really not easy. At first glance, the apartments are extremely attractive option. They do not differ from the apartments, they are cheaper, even with good trim, and are often located in more prestigious areas. But, as they say, «good» free does not happen, especially when it comes to such large purchases as housing. Over time, its own apartments can become a serious headache. Especially if, buying them, a person does not calculate all its further expenses with the help of a calculator and … of the Civil Code.

Minus 1. Housing and communal services on the «commercial rate»

The first and most important difference between the apartment from the apartments is that in its legal status, the apartment is intended for living, and the apartments are commercial real estate. That is, you can live in them, and even at least all your life, but they will not be an apartment. Apartments is not necessarily an office, some are drawn up as hotels.

In Soviet times, several dozen multi-storey hotels were built in Soviet times to Olympiad-80 in Moscow, which placed tourists and official delegations. And after the end of the games, these highlights reailed into residential buildings, and the former hotel rooms began to call hotel type apartments and distributed them to Moscow seizures.

Now everything is not so simple — the apartments are commercial real estate, despite the fact that owners constantly live in them, then it is necessary to pay for their use at a commercial rate. Payment of housing and communal services in apartments is 15-25% higher than in ordinary apartments. And it can be a big minus with the current growth of tariffs. In the end, if you calculate the overpayment, then additional 2.5 thousand rubles per month in terms of over 10 years of overpayment will turn into 300 thousand, and this amount is already close to the price difference between apartments and apartments.

Minus 2. Property is, «Specifications» no

The apartments are not a full housing. Therefore, it is impossible to register on them on a permanent basis. It is clear that no one has canceled the temporary registration, but it is possible only if before the construction of construction, the entire building was declared by the developer and built as an aparthotel or like a hotel.

Minus 3. And pay extra!

Another possible minus apartments, if they are built outside the city — the cost of connecting communications. Construction companies often save, buying land for construction in areas where electricity, water, sewage and gas has not been carried out. Everything is great there: beautiful nature, river. But, selling apartments at discounted prices, construction companies «in the load» oblige buyers to pay extra for connecting communications. If you add an overwhelmed price for the transportation of electricity, gas, water and garbage disposal, then the difference in the payment for the «benefits of civilization» compared to ordinary apartments will grow not on a quarter, and even more. Especially if we take into account the appetites of mediation firms that are «connected» with local authorities.

Minus 4. without clinic and school

The authorities are not yet very concerned about to build near the complexes of school apartments, kindergartens and other social institutions. Formally, you do not have to adhere to officials — why near the hotel or the «office town» school? Who to train there? The local administration has no headache. In addition, the law does not require companies that are engaged in the construction of complexes of apartments to equip microdistrics with social infrastructure (it is at the expense of this apartment they can sell cheaper than «full-fledged» housing). Therefore, there is a risk of buying an apartment very far from the nearest nursery and hospitals.

Minus 5. Quartflat without benefits

The owners of the apartment are not allowed to use their benefits, subsidies and subsidies for the payment of utility services. This means that veterans of wars, pensioners, large families, people with disabilities and other beneficiaries who bought housing in apart-complexes will be forced to pay «full», and the increasing increase in the tax rate on non-residential real estate can make apartments too expensive for some categories owners.

Minus 6. Municipal Slavery

The housing code is prescribed that the apartment building is the common property of all residents. Therefore, apartment owners can choose a management company or organize HOA themselves. Apartments in the Code are not mentioned. And often it happens that the construction company itself acts as Jeep to establish robbing tariffs for a communal service.

And there are advantages?

In addition to the cost, an important plus of apartments is that the law does not prohibit the redevelopment in them. You can create anything on your square meters anything, the main thing is not to jeopardize the construction of the entire building.

It is also worth keeping in mind that the authorities have been thinking over for several years to equate residential apartments to the apartments. Given the fact that this kind of problem in Russia is solved by officials without much enthusiasm, then in 5-10 years, as market participants say, it will be possible to wait for mobiles in solving this issue.

Apartments — a phenomenon on the Russian housing market is quite new, and concerns related to their purchase, most Russians are quite explained. But as the experience of recent years shows, if the new owner has additional money on the rent, it has a permanent residence in another place and it does not scare him unusual housing status, then there is nothing wrong with the purchase of apartments.

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