Apartment in pledge of the bank: Can I buy it?

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Apartment in pledge of the bank: Can I buy it?

You found the appropriate purchase option. But they found out that the apartment is in the mortgage. So, in pledge of the bank. Is it possible to buy such real estate and is it safe? Let’s just say: yes. And now we will understand more.

If the property is bought in a mortgage, then the loan is not repaid, it is pledged by the bank. Information about this is entered into the Unified State Real Estate Register — EGRN.

While property in pledge, sell it is simply so impossible. Rosreestr will see a mortgage entry and will not register the ownership of the new buyer.

To make a deal, the seller must first repay the debt on the loan. After that, the bank will inform Rosreestr that there is no debt. And record that real estate in the mortgage, delete. This is called the removal of encumbrance.

Can. And such transactions pass quite often. You can register in the contract of sale that the money received from the buyer will go to repay the loan. «In the morning money — evening withdrawing burdensing and registration of property rights to the buyer.»

In transactions with collateral real estate it is better to apply to experienced lawyers or realtors to make everything right.

So even easier. If the apartment is in the pledge of Sberbank, and the buyer wants to buy it also to a mortgage, for example, on the Domklik, then the deposit simply reforms to the new owner. Do not need to do anything, the bank will issue everything himself.

The process will be almost the same as when making an ordinary loan and will take as much time.

You need to apply for a mortgage online on a domklik or in the bank office. If the application is approved, there will be a standard package of documents for approval of real estate. Most papers, the Mortgage Manager will ask the seller and will order in Rosreestre. He also will prepare a sale agreement with lawyers.

Most often, the buyer needs to provide only a real estate assessment report. It can be ordered from the Mortgage Manager. But sometimes there may be additional documents depending on the features of the transaction.

The purchase of collateral real estate Sberbank has limitations. You can only buy it in the same city where you make a mortgage. Interregional transactions with such real estate are not yet carried out. But if you need to buy real estate in the mortgage without encumbrance — this is please.

The circumstances of the sale of apartments with mortgage can be different. Someone decided to change the apartment in connection with the birth of children. Someone needs to move to another city, someone urgently needs a large amount of money. And someone could not or wanted to continue paying a mortgage.

Whatever the reason for the sale — all this will not touch the buyer after the transaction. No obligations of the seller, including penalties or penalties, can not go to it.

Not at all. Just every second real estate transaction in Russia is now running with a mortgage. At the same time, nothing prevents this property to sell such real estate to the full loan payment.

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