Are there any at home radiation? How to measure the level of radiation at home?

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Are there any at home radiation? How to measure the level of radiation at home?

In his apartment, a person rests, eats, sleeps, and is also hiding from bad weather and negative external factors, so few people want the radiation in the apartment above the norm.

Radiation is detected everywhere.

How to find out if the radiation is not exceeded in the apartment? First you need to figure out where it comes from.

All named sources can radiate malicious waves that a man so immediately and does not feel, because

Checking radiation in the apartment radiometer is not an advocacy, as it is better to use it for measuring pollution of small objects, such as products, toys and others.

The background definition can be carried out by a radiometer dosimeter device that includes both functions.

Check radiation without a dosimeter possible.

As you know, the walls of the apartment are capable of protecting from radiation by 90%. Material plays a big role from which they are made. So, the minimum bandwidth has concrete, which means it is best protecting. The maximum ability has a tree.

Everyone knows the separation of building materials in classes. So, the first class materials are the safest, and it is worth applied in construction.

It must be said that if the dosimeter did not turn out at hand, it can be measured by another way. This method is not accurate, but with the help of it you can get at least approximate reduction in danger.

This will require paper for photos. A sheet of such paper is carried out several times by air, after which the photo is shown.

There are strips on which a person with extensive experience can almost accurately determine the power of radiation.

In modern mobile phones, you can install an application that, as the supplier declares, is able to help in diagnosing the level of radiation.
. It is difficult to judge the accuracy of such measurements, you can try to compare them with the indicators of accurate devices.

When the tester is connected, the signal from the knitting will be transferred to the resistor, and the radiation power will be displayed on the instrument

You can make the device from the usual cans from canned, if you pre-prepare the condenser and tester. In this case, the capacity will not be needed. The hole for the needles is made in the bottom of the bank, and in its cavity they put a condenser. The resistor is connected directly to the test. The final stage is fixing the knitting needles in the hole of the cans.

How to determine radiation, we disassembled, now you need to figure out how to protect yourself from it.

It has already become clear that gas Radon serves the main source of harmful radiation in the apartment, especially if the apartment is located on the first or basement floor.

The gas concentration is enhanced when the residential premises was left in a closed state and was not ventilated
For example, at the time of vacation or business trip.

This heavy gas has no color and smell and penetrates the room from the ground and materials of construction purposes. Accumulating in the apartment, he causes irradiation of the room. Scientists have proven that Radon is in second place after smoking on the ability to provoke the development of lung cancer.

Observing these simple rules, you will protect yourself and those surrounding from malicious rays.

The number of X-ray and gamma photons on the CMOS matrix per minute recorded by smartphones at different radiation dose capacities. Linear dependence indicates that the dose of radiation can be determined on the basis of these measurements.

The dependence of the number of x-ray and gamma photons on the CMOS matrix per minute recorded by the Apple iPhone 4S smartphone from its orientation

The dependence of the number of X-ray and gamma photons on the CMOS matrix per minute, recorded by the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone, from its orientation

The number of users of smartphones is steadily growing, and in the current year their number will probably be a quarter of the world’s population.

The mobile application market seems to use the hardware capabilities of mobile devices as rapidly developing with maximum efficiency.

It is not surprising that the developers drew attention to the feature of the built-in cameras, allowing to fix the radioactive radiation … But everything in order.

In order for a good dosimeter from the smartphone, its response to various doses of radiation should be linear. The device must be well calibrated and its readings must be played during repeated measurements. In addition, the result should not depend on the orientation of the smartphone relative to the radiation source.

Each of the sources can provide radiation intensity in a specific range.

When the operator enters the required dose power, the system selects the appropriate source, calculates the distance from it, on which the dose power will be exactly the same, and shifts the distance of the mobile platform with the calibrated device.

Smartphones with closed black film cameras measured doses in the range from 1 to 349,796 MK Z / h (for X-ray and gamma Radiation Ziver and Gray — Equivalent units of measurement, Read more about dose measurements and radioactive radiation power in the Radiophobia Current article) .

Each of the smartphones was exposed to radiation of a certain intensity for one minute. Measurements were repeated five times, and then the intensity changed for the next five measurements.

During the measurements, with the same radiation intensity, the smartphone rotated around their own axis to identify the effect of the orientation on the testimony of the software dosimeter.

The linear response was achieved at a power of over 20 μgr / h for the Samsung smartphone and 30 μgr / h — Apple. For comparison, during the airfare passenger in an hour receives a radiation dose of about 7 μG.

The worst results demonstrated by the iPhone are explained by the fact that the application uses the front camera to measure the light from the iPhone screen, refracted by glass that protects the display.

The intensity of the radiation in which the smartphones were able to accurately calculate the dose rate, provides an annual dose of radiation 0.2 PR — this is 200 times the above of the limit that the Australian radiation protection and nuclear security agency (Arpansa) considers it acceptable to humans. In fact, 1 mZV, admitted by Arpansa, is the lower limit of the annual dose of radiation obtained by residents of the Earth, on average, this value is 2.4 mSv with a scatter of 1 to 10 msv.

To obtain an annual allowable dose of radiation (according to Arpansa), it is necessary to be reduced with an intensity of 20 μg / h about 50 hours, its short-term effects are not dangerous.

The Radioactivity Counter application will allow the user to go away from the radiation source on time. Smartphone cameras matrices are fairly sensitive to fix the radiation significant in terms of radiation safety.

In all houses there are many electrical appliances, which are more or less radiated radiation. If suddenly members of the family begin to hurt constantly, and doctors cannot put accurate diagnoses, then perhaps it’s all about radiation. Without special devices it is impossible to answer the question how to check the radiation indoors.

You can call the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, or in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. If there is no desire for this, you can purchase a dosimeter for household needs, and measure the level of radiation itself. It is necessary to divide the premises to be divided into several zones, then measure the radiation in each of them. If the level of radiation exceeds the norm, then it is necessary to urgently cause the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

They should be engaged in the source of radiation.

If the dosimeter could not be purchased, then you can try at least approximately to determine whether there is radiation or not indoors. There is one way how to measure radiation without a dosimeter, but it is inaccurate.

Special craftsmen, according to them, on these strips can even determine the level of radiation, although specialists have a big doubt.

Radiation strongly affects the human body. If there is still radiation in the room, and this is confirmed by instruments, then it is necessary to decide how to protect against radiation. Of course, any defense against radiation will not protect one hundred percent, but trying to try.

It is best to simply protect the minimum number of time next to the source of radiation, you can move away from the radiation source to the maximum distance. If possible, you need to wear special costumes and use special protective screens.

All these methods will help if not avoiding irradiation, then at least get it in the minimum volume.

Why do people so be afraid of the influence of radiation on the body? It is worth thinking about how radiation affects a person. The worst consequence of irradiation is cancerous diseases that can arise from nowhere, and develop very quickly.

Also negative consequences are the radiation disease, in which a person agrees faster than usual, and, 70 percent of cases, die. With radiation sickness, a person quickly lies, his teeth fall out, traces of burns remain on the skin.

If the irradiation was high, then man dies from irradiation for six months.

But the infection still happened, how then to bring radiation from the human body? Fully cancel the effect of irradiation of the body, alas, it is impossible, but it is possible to reduce its concentration.

It is necessary to follow the safety rules when working with radioactive devices, and wherever you can get a radiation dose. If the body is still irradiated, you need to immediately consult a doctor.