Being a perfectionist is useful or harmful?

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Being a perfectionist is useful or harmful?

The classic question on the interview when taking a job sounds like this: «Your weakest character trait?». Resolved: «I am a perfectionist», you turn your weakness in dignity. In fact, people counting themselves for perfectioles often suffer from concern, depression, fear. Scientists assume that perfectionism can be a risk factor for suicide.

Perfectionism, on the one hand, is a healthy feature of character. Such a person is more organized, motivated, striving for excellence. On the other hand, a constant desire for impeccability leads to problems that destroys life.

You are medlept, feel confused in extreme situations. People suffering from the so-called «unhealthy» perfectionism practically paralyzes if necessary to make rapid decisions. They are so concerned that everything must be done flawlessly, which is not able to do anything at all.

You feel concern in public places. Perfectionists are very worried about public speeches or in the company of new buddies because of fear of doing something wrong or seem stupid.

You avoid everything new. Such people try not to let everything unusual in their lives. For example, even if the perfectionist always dreamed of learn to play a violin, he will not solve to attend similar lessons. He is afraid to experiment and, as a result, cannot enjoy life to the full.

You are faced with the problem of preserving a long relationship. The desire for perfection can harm relationships with friends, family, romantic partners and even colleagues. Perfectionists feel cowardly in any group projects, as they constantly feel the need to show themselves from the best side. Such an internal moral pressure causes a desire to distance themselves from close people and break all the ties.

You do not recognize anyone in your weaknesses. If you doubt whether to talk about your mistakes and concerns to friends and family members, it may mean that you are afraid to point out your shortcomings. Perfectionists keep information about any of their shortcomings deep inside itself. They cannot console the idea that each of us is imperfect and early or later mistaken.

In order to overcome the manifestations of the «unhealthy» perfectionism, scientists recommend experimenting more, participate in public life. And even if you do not succeed in a particular area, no need to regard failures as a complete failure.