Braga for Moonshine Pressed: What to do and is it possible to chant moonshine

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Braga for Moonshine Pressed: What to do and is it possible to chant moonshine

The manufacture of strong alcoholic beverages at home is based on the preparation of «raw materials». And then there is a lot of questions: is it possible to distinguish the unfinished braga what to do if she skis or molded, what to do if the braga does not wander. You will have to deal with the situation yourself, otherwise the moonshine will be spoiled.

Variants Spoilement Beverage:

Recipes for cooking «raw materials» a lot. Each amateur comes up with his chips, however, at the same time sometimes faced with new problems. For example, Braga is sweet and does not wander, what to do how to re-run the process. The article discusses the main situations, causes and ways to avoid them.

To identify the inconsistency of expectations is not so easy. First you need to understand what time it will be ready if the process goes as planned. Without experience, often questions like Braga did not know, sweet, how to fix, turn out to be premature. On the other hand, it is impossible to overeat it, it will be prohibitive even when compliance with cooking technology. If you start distillation early, then the drink will be too small.

Therefore, the process is controlled by several criteria:

If the braga wanders for a long time, decide what to do next on the basis of these external signs. Perhaps the process went «not so» and it’s time to pour it out to run everything again. Ideally, you need to record how many components were used and how much braga costs until readiness in each case. Then in the end it will turn out your own recipe, which allows you to avoid damage.

I even face those who are confident about how much Braga should stand. It is worth take some other yeast, add new components as processes begin to go differently. And you have to measure time again, put several tanks and try to withstand a permanent permanent or less. Because of this, once spent recipes are trying not to change. Not so much suck of sugar and other components, how much time is spent and the drink will not be ready for a term.

Signs of Zakusania:

To avoid this, immediately understand how to determine the readiness of the braga for the moonshine. The technique strongly depends on personal experience. After all, it will have to learn to distinguish a slightly proceeding mass and her complete acetic skew. In the first case, when the acid level is still small, the situation is corrected. In the second, there is nothing to reanimate, all alcohol has become an acidic solution. Sometimes the concentration of vinegar reaches 7-12%. If I had to face this, it is worth returning to the very beginning of «learning» and read how much Braga should stand for a moonshine when complying with the recipe.

Full drying is quite rare. To do this, you will have to make a lot of «forget», how much is Braga for Moonshine. But at first there are errors that lead to the spoilage of the product. Recipes indicate the timing based on strict compliance with the rules. For example, fermentation should take place without access to oxygen. If this happens, the «other» bacteria begin to work, which turns the process on another path. Then the exit is a vinegar, a maximum of where it is suitable, so it is for marinating meat.

So until the day, when the recipe is ready for distillation, it is recommended to repeatedly check its condition. The main reasons leading to the discount:

It turns out that you need to try the perishand, but it is too often harmful to do it. We will have to hold a number of experiments whose results will show how many days should Braga stand and how often it is checked. With the rest of the reasons to cope easily — it is enough to rinse the capacity after each use, including the processing of disinfectants. After them, it is worth how to rinse everything up to the instrument. Then the problem will be excluded for the root.

If it turns out that the lover of alcoholic beverages insided, as Braga plays, he will have to try to correct the situation. It is important that the level of acid does not shrink, which would indicate the complete destruction of the resulting alcohol. When the taste does not reduce the cheekbones, and there is a stall, it remains to try to neutralize the vinegar by adding alkali. Use chalk or food soda.

Acetic acid quenching technique:

The second time is recommended to separate the drink on the fraction. The process will be long, remains patient. It is easier to count in advance how many Braga wanders on Sahara and yeast, after which it is clear to observe the technology. Otherwise, in addition to loss of time, the owner receives a smaller output of alcohol, more precisely, moonshine. The acid is raw materials, the less degrees left in it. Return processes will fail to reverse, only save the remnants. If you need a large volume of drink to the upcoming holidays, you will have to clearly monitor how many days is Braga.

Occasionally, another problem arises: molding surface. This is detected when the containers are inspected, sometimes after opening (if opaque cans are used). Mold is a film fungi. They are processed sugar, acid, alcohol, completely changing the composition of the wort. In this case, the question is how to find out the readiness of the Braga to distillation, will lose the relevance. There will be nothing to distilling.


The second step is carried out sterilization at a temperature of 70-70ºC (2-3 minutes). After that, you need to close the tank with a dense cover and cool to 25-30ºC. In the end, add yeast and the process begins again. Again, you will have to measure experimentally, how to find out that Braga is ready for distillation. Without a clear understanding of the procedure, the problem often occurs reuse. If during the sterilization it is overheated, it will have to pour it out and renovate. Then the readiness of the Braga will need

In the process of studying the method of cooking alcoholic beverages at home, find out how to determine the readiness of the braga to distillation and what to do to prevent problems. Only not always «lessons» pass to the end to assimilate the problems as it should. This is how it creates the soil for zaking and molding wort.

Multiple receptions:

Sometimes the antibiotics of tetracycline or lowline are added to it. They prevent the growth of mold and the launch of the formation of acetic acid. They are dissolved in the ratio of 100 mg per 10 liters and 100 mg per 1 liter, respectively. As far as necessary, it is necessary to solve you, there are adherents of the «pure» product that the addition of chemistry is preserved. It remains to deal with questions like, how to find out that Braga is ready, which tricks lead to acceleration.

Spoiled wort is most often poured and put it again. Still, the main goal is to get a strong alcoholic beverage at the exit. Only rationality and economicism are sometimes forced to use even the bladder. If the owner loves periodically to fry kebabs, the meat in the oven with pre-soaking in vinegar, the resulting «solution» is suitable for such events.

Often the acidity of wort comes to 7-12%, which is well suited for culinary experiments. There are usually no more than 5% acid in the table vinegar, so the scurvous permanent is even diluted after filtering. Or use in the «natural» form for the sake of accelerated product processing.