Cannibals among us. Is it possible to recognize a person who wants to eat you?

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Cannibals among us. Is it possible to recognize a person who wants to eat you?

Normal at first glance, a married couple of 20 years ate people — this shocking news came from the Krasnodar Territory.

As police officers found out, her husband and wife kidnapped people, pulled them with Ether and Korvolol, then they killed in parts. What did not arrive — turned into canned food.

Reveal the cruelty of the married couple succeeded only after the husband lost his phone on the street — there were numerous photos of disfigured corpses. And the houses in the cannibals were kept recipes for the preparation of human flesh and those canned foods, which have become killed.

Presumably, on the account of the Family of the cannibals of 30 victims. Law enforcement officers have already been able to prove the involvement of cannibals to the death of seven people. There is no separate article for cannibalism in Russian legislation, but probably the crimes of Krasnodar cannibals are suitable for the articles of «murder» and «abuse on the bodies of the dead.»

If all 30 episodes are proven, the crimes will be qualified as murder with aggravating circumstances: preliminary collusion, intentional murder, murder with special cruelty and, perhaps something else — explains the lawyer Konstantin Passpidze. — These people will be prescribed psychiatric examination. If she will show that they are sane, the prosecutor’s office will definitely ask for them the highest measure of punishment — a lifelong conclusion. If the examination recognizes them insane, they are waiting for lifelong forced treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

Now this story is engaged in the investigative committee. Life found out whether it was possible to calculate the cannibals hiding under the mask of a happy couple.

Cannibalism is different. This may be a way of survival (rescue from hunger) or ritual (sacrifice). All this was common in the ancient world and in the Middle Ages. Nowadays, cannibalism is most often a form of mental disorder.

In 2016, scientists from the Altai State University issued a study on cannibals (there is at the disposal of the Life). The paper says that most cannibals had a difficult childhood, they were subject to psychological, physical or sexual violence. Often, the cause of cannibalism becomes a mental illness, most often — schizophrenia.

Schizophrenics — cannibals are very aggressive. «The suffering that cannibal suffered in childhood allows him to cause suffering to other people; trying to assert himself, he begins to kill and dismember people, eat human flesh,» write the authors of the study.

As an example, scientists lead the history of one of the cannibals, disclosed in modern Russia, — Igor Kuzikov. This is a typical representative of Homo Antropofagus — «man of a human manual.»

Kuzikov was born in a disadvantaged family in 1961, suffered from schizophrenia, mental retardation, and besides alcoholism. Despite the external harmlessness, he was inclined to aggression from the youth itself. He was treated, but in the early 1990s in psychiatry was collapse.

As a result, Kuzikov did not receive treatment at the hospital and independently did not take medicine. The offender acquainted on the street with homeless and tramps, brought them to his one-room apartment, killed and eaten. At the court, the facts of killing Kuzikov were proved in 1994-1995. At least three people. In the case file, terrifying details are fixed — the body of the last of the dead Kuzikov broke and coils from it.

There is a more perverted «direction» of cannibalism are cannibals who want to eat their victim because of sexual fantasies. Cannibal torments a painful passion and the desire of possessing others. Cannibala argue that, by going his sacrifice, they make it part of themselves, thereby keeping it for themselves. As stated in the study, the most striking example of sexual cannibalism was the crime of the most famous Russian maniac Andrei Chikatilo.

Cannibalism Chikatilo had a purely sexual meaning and was generated by his miserable and unsuccessful attempts to gain a biological male status at least at the psychological level. On Andrei’s account, I had about 65 kills, of which 36 were using cannibal inclinations. Chikatilo admitted that she gave up his victims in order to get some kind of sexual pleasure. He did it not from revenge or hatred, it brought him peace of mind, «the study says.

The study lists some signs of cannibals:

According to Mikhail Vinogradov, Mikhail Vinogradov’s psychiatra, on such a list of signs of cannibal is impossible to calculate, as in any other.

Recognize cannibal from the side is extremely difficult. Allocate obvious signs will not work — we have a lot of patients with schizophrenia or other mental disorders, but this does not mean that they are all cannibals, the expert noted.

The psychiatrist brought an example from his practice: in Soviet times the police caught a man who faded human faith with his neighbors in a communal apartment. He killed people, brought home meat and part of the extraction gave the neighbors. He said that the butcher was working on the market and these remains that can be eaten. Most of the way he eaten himself. And externally he was very responsive, kind, a little closed man. The neighbors were horrified when the crimes revealed, «Cannibal took it with polishing during the murder of one of their victims. As a result, he was shot.

As you can see, on the external signs, it was extremely difficult to recognize in the murderer of the cruel man, — added Vinogradov.

According to the psychiatrist, cannibalism is not amenable to treatment.

It is impossible to cure cannibal — he will never turn to help, because he does not think that he does something wrong. The patient’s condition can be supported by sedative, in isolation, but from thrust to cannibal, if it has already arisen, it will not get rid of it.

In the Soviet times, the history of the cannibals tried not to cover not to sow panic, Mikhail Vinogradov told. Now all these shocking stories are easily seeping in the media. Abroad, someone even tries to earn it.

For example, in 2010, the media wrote about the opening of the «restaurant for cannibals» in Berlin. According to the owners, they will eat volunteers who wish to sacrifice their bodies.

There are those who are not averse to turning into the cannibal for the sake of the show. In 2016, the British TV presenter Greg Foot intended live to try human meat (his own). He turned to doctors who cut a piece of muscle from him. The idea failed — there is a human flesh in British legislation.

In our country, there are cases when cannibalism has been associated with the enthusiasm to one or another youth subculture. In 2009, in St. Petersburg, two young people killed and ate their 16-year-old girlfriend. When the crime was disclosed, the information was leaked in the media that the killers rank themselves to «goths» and «emo». This caused a real explosion in the press and the Internet — people were confident that all «goths» and «emo» devour a human flesh, they need to be isolated from society and treat them.

Later, the investigation was proved that the cruelty of the murderers had no relation to the specified subcultures. It is not known how many «emo» and «ready» suffered from the occurrence.

On the one hand, it’s good that in the media have become this topic to illuminate. Cannibalism is very dangerous, people must be protected. But with this topic should be careful — this can cause the unhealthy interest of people to this topic and provoke new crimes, «Mikhail Vinogradov said.