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How to hack the castle? How to open a door lock without a key?

Modern manufacturers of locks are increasingly perverted in attempts to invent more reliable, more hacking mehs. This only speaks that there will be skillful hands on each castle that will open it. Note! All instructions in the article are informative and are designed to help in case of your keys. Remember that penetration and hacking Read more

Comfortable meters. How many square meters need for happiness?

Today the law determines the rate of 33 m2 per lonely person and 18 m2 for each family member consisting of two or more people. Once the average indicators for one-room and two-bedroom apartment with a metro station 33 and 54 m2, respectively, are obtained. Of course, they are slightly more than an average of Read more

What should be the right appearance in the workplace

Nowadays it is difficult to find a job, and having received it, it is even harder to choose clothes for her. With changing the working conditions, it becomes very difficult to choose it, simultaneously suitable and convenient. And even the complete confidence is that you dress right, does not make it easier for the problem. Read more

How to sew a medical mask with your own hands

Content: The spread of coronavirus served to increase demand for medical masks. In this regard, there is a sharp deficit of protective funds not only in pharmacies, but also on the official sites of manufacturers. It aggravates the situation and the fact that it is necessary to change the masks every two hours and use Read more

Several tips for women how to choose a guy and also for guys what to be (or pretend) so that you are chosen.

Having learned that for someone in the 21st century could still choose a satellite for life, we, of course, issue an outstanding Tirade. In this case, the adoption of an independent decision does not guarantee a successful marriage. Well, how to choose a husband? Let’s try to figure it out! I propose to take a Read more

What is worse, uncertainty or failure?

Before performing a new case, each starts to assume, predict and determine for themselves how successful will be the result of all its actions. There are only two options here: good luck or failure. In parallel with this, such concepts as unknown and uncertainty arise. Scientists insist that the stress man is experiencing when it Read more

Origin of Dogs: History and Interesting Facts

Four-legged friends are an integral part of our life. It is difficult to imagine how humanity lived without such loyal assistants. The origin of dogs is a question for which there is still no unambiguous answer. There is a huge number of versions, more than a thousand genetic experiments and examinations were carried out, but Read more