Clothing of these colors is ideal for brunettes

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Clothing of these colors is ideal for brunettes

Brunettes have a bright appearance, so many colors are suitable. But which of them are perfectly combined with dark hair?


While blondes are advised to wear clothes not darker brown or gray, brunettes can easily wear black outfits. The reason lies in the fact that the black color creates a strong contrast with light hair and pale skin. And with dark hair, black is included in a soft harmonious combination. But black requires that the hair be well-groomed.


Berry, brick, burgundy — saturated red tones are perfectly suitable for brunettes. And it does not matter the skin shade: the red nuances will benefitly emphasize light peach or dark skin. Therefore, if you are the owners of dark hair, boldly wear red clothes!


Pink is considered color blondes, but it also goes brunettes. There is one «but» — the pink should be bright and saturated. Bright pink makes the skin shine and makes the image easy and fresh. So if you want to throw off a couple of years, choose pink!


Slightly bronze or olive skin and dark hair, it advantageously emphasizes white color. It refreshes the face and looks luxuriously. White is the most comfortable color for hot summer, so brunettes will not be difficult to choose a practical outfit for the summer.

Brown tones

Khaki, cream, camel wool, cappuccino and other brown tones are very suitable for brunettes. They create a harmonious combination with dark hair, and if the eyes are blond — blue or green — then allocate them and make brighter.