Comfortable meters. How many square meters need for happiness?

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Comfortable meters. How many square meters need for happiness?

Today the law determines the rate of 33 m2 per lonely person and 18 m2 for each family member consisting of two or more people. Once the average indicators for one-room and two-bedroom apartment with a metro station 33 and 54 m2, respectively, are obtained. Of course, they are slightly more than an average of Russia (24 m2 per person), but incomparably less than in other developed countries. For example, in Japan, 35 m2 per person is relying, in Sweden — 40 m2, in Germany — 45 m2, and in the United States all 90 m2.

Of course, the figure determining the number of square meters required for happiness is directly related to the status of the client, his lifestyle, marital status. But even lonely young people who have a stable income, today increasingly stop their choice on spacious Studios 40 m2. It is important that the housing is as functional as possible. For example, now a trend on large kitchen living rooms. Almost every second is a request, the kitchen is at least 16 m2, and better than 20 m2. In addition to the increased dinner guest area, according to sociologists, each person needs a personal space for recreation, and with the advent of children — a separate children’s room.

Space for life

As practice shows, recently a demanding buyer seeks to comfort not only in the apartment itself, but also beyond: it is important to have a large courtyard, territories for playgrounds, common areas, the necessary infrastructure in step accessibility. One of the examples of such a building — the residential complex of the business class «Georg Landrin», designed by GC «Absolut Stroy Service» on the territory of the former confectionery factory on the Big Sampwehonian Prospect, 77. In stock — a closed guarded yard for 18 thousand m2 and comfortable parking — Underground and ground, which is especially relevant, given that the object is located in the area of ​​the current building, a 15-minute drive from the city center. In addition, there are no small-sized layouts in the complex: the metrah varies from 32 to 123 m2. The average area of ​​two-room apartments is not 55 m2, as in most sentences, and 65 m2, one-room — from 45 m2, studios — from 32 m2. At the same time, all rooms are very broad — 3.5 m, which gives future residents to the fantasy when finishing and furnished apartments.

External effect

All market participants converge in the opinion that when selling apartments in high segments of housing is very important, the appearance, the external effect, how potential buyers see the object. The more its visual and functional characteristics respond to their ideas about the perfect house, correspond to their status, the greater the probability of purchase. Here are the values ​​of architectural solutions and variety of layouts — for any request. In the complex «Georg Landrin» this is achieved through the structure of the buildings themselves with different number of floors, additional sections. Homemade comfort, achieved at the expense of spacious living rooms, master bedrooms, bathrooms with windows, through which daylight lights, highlighting dressing rooms, loggias, French balconies are complemented by an impressive architectural appearance of the complex made in the Loft style.

Of course, it is impossible to argue that true happiness depends on the number of square meters or from the style of the house where the person lives. Most of us need a personal space for recreation, the possibility of separation, self-isolation. Studies show that this desire is characteristic of all people, regardless of their scale of life values, temperament and gender, and their own children’s room is the key to their successful development. Oddly enough, the more in the house of such personalized places, the more time family members communicate with each other. All these requirements are taken into account in the planning of apartments of residential complexes that are positioned as family. You only need to carefully examine everything for and against and choose your own option.

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