Commandments of a real woman)

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Commandments of a real woman)

The modern world cultivates stereotypical roles in women: «businesswoman», «bitch», «Blonde». Meanwhile, every representative of the weak floor is unique in nature and does not look like any template.

She does not chase at all. Running for happiness is the most popular and most stupid sport. We are all run somewhere. To the bright future, in tomorrow, next year, etc. This woman is not engaged in this type of «sport». She sails in life, always being in today’s day.

Of course, it has plans for the future, but does not postpone life for tomorrow. It does not wait that her real life will begin when she will finally lose weight when the prince jumps when there are suitable circumstances, etc., — she lives now.

With trepidation refers to the fact that a woman was born, and sees a special value in this. She does not just know himself a woman at the level of concept, she feels so. For her, there is a real woman — this is not a test, not a grave work and not a cross, which must be taken all my life. This is a gift and blessing of fate. A real woman cultivates femininity at all levels: internal (sensations, feelings, thoughts) and external (body, clothing, behavior).

When you live too slowly, you have no feeling that this is life. When you live too fast, you do not have time to feel life. Each of us has its own tempo of existence. This woman knows well and feels and lives in accordance with him. She herself regulates its loads and thus sets the pace of its circumstances.

A real woman lives so to do what he wants and not lose the taste of life. In its actions, the most important thing is not the number of gestures committed per unit of time, but the accuracy of the calculation and awareness that it does and why.

And this does not mean that it is a egoist, stalking, indifferent or cynical. She just knows that behind an excessive desire to engage in other people hides the fear of living with his own life. This woman is interested in her life. She never loses the feeling of value of his personal space. But at the same time, it is capable of supporting, helping and participating in the lives of other people.

She does not say «yes,» if her heart says «no.» And he always listens to himself and trusts his feelings.

This book is for parents, teachers, neighbors, relatives, friends and colleagues — every girl receives in childhood. And the delivery of «exams» for her girls devote all his life. This woman threw off the «donkey». Let others put ticks in the graphs: married — not married, normally — not normal, one is not alone, like everyone else — not like everyone else …

A real woman lives its guidelines, herself comes up with and embodies them itself. And, if they are not like the standards of others, it is not very worried. It permits other people to evaluate themselves as they want. He knows that the mission «please all» is stupid and impossible.

A real woman is working on himself, but never does this in order to deserve someone’s approval. She does it out of love.

«Good girl» is a pupil of parents. She has one task — to like others, cause approval. I like even when your own desires protest. «Good girl» lives according to the principle of «I owe» or «I should not». She rarely asks himself, which actually wants. A real woman left his «good girl», and at the same time left a constant desire for approval and praise. This does not mean that she doesn’t care how it is estimated. I just prove anything to anyone, especially to the detriment of myself.

To their own features that are accepted by deficiencies (and who does not have them?), The real woman relates to condescending. She sees them, but does not dramatize. Do not hide them, but does not expose to the bottom.

Looking at her, you will not say that she survives: in the afternoon and at night makes money, she washes, erases, removes, cares for her husband and children. We will never think that she is exhausted, making repair or building a cottage. Even when she has really big loads, the real woman finds the time to recover and look good.

She will not play sacrifice from himself, because he knows: the circumstances are difficult in themselves, but by virtue of her relationship to them.

His periods of loneliness, if they are, a real woman appreciates and loves. She does not seek random familiar or men in her life, just not to stay alone with them. Be alone with me — this is good. The best time to recover, fill your life calmness and depth. This woman is interested in himself and enjoys loneliness with pleasure.

A real woman lives in its present, real age, using all its advantages. She does not tell their stories that at this age something is «already late» or «Even early.» This philosophy is an excuse for those who use years to cover their fears or internal prohibitions.

This woman can be done at any age. Therefore, she does not have any regret that she did not have time. This does not mean that she does not care for himself and does not seek to look good. It’s just not praying and does not depict the one that was 20 years ago. A real woman knows: every age has its own beauty, sexuality and charm.