Conversation during charging?

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Conversation during charging?

The question of whether the smartphone can be used while charging, has long remains relevant for users and raises a lot of disputes.

For many, abandon the gadget for several hours, which are required to replenish the energy, seems to be a challenge difficult and often impracticable. Continuous use of a smartphone even during charging has already become a habit.

But is it really safe?

A rumor about the likelihood of an explosion of a smartphone during charging is so widespread that it has long been a bit from reality with details and seems to be simply swollen in an empty place myth.

The manufacturer never announced the official reason provoking these incidents, but, according to experts, the structural defects of the battery became wines everything.

It is possible that such problems can occur in the smartphones of other manufacturers, so caution will never be superfluous.

In the process of charging, the battery temperature is always slightly rising. Continuing to use the smartphone at this time, it is possible to provoke its overheating, which will subsequently damage one or more components, bloating or breakage.

Using a smartphone while connecting to the network, increases the number of charging cycles, which subsequently leads to a decrease in the battery capacity.

In principle, this is a natural process that is happening daily, but in this case the battery will be twice as fast. An undesirable consequence will be reduced by the battery life of the phone.

Defects on the screen

Overheating of the device can lead to the appearance on the screen of white or yellow spots.

In addition to the usual charging from the network, many smartphone owners acquire portable chargers or PowerBank covers. Obviously, in the rapid rhythm of modern life, it is difficult to abandon the habit of using the gadget constantly, and the problems described above will not necessarily let yourself know.

However, it is recommended to refuse to work with the device in the charging process to protect the battery and extend its service life.

You can also get a small discharge from a faulty charger or smartphone. Please speak less when charging.

The easiest way to protect yourself just put on a loud connection and say, but do not forget that you will protect yourself, but the device itself will suffer!

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