Crouch your fingers? Is not cool?

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Crouch your fingers? Is not cool?

Very often I hear the question of my friends and colleagues: Why do the joints of the joints in the whole body? And also: can you crisp like that with your fingers?

In this article, I will try to figure it out, the crunch in the joints is the norm or pathology, as well as to the teach, how to get rid of it.

First you need to figure out when the crunch in the joints is a natural process, and when its presence should be alert and turn to a specialist.

Basically, this is a physiological phenomenon that should not cause anxiety.

All the joints of the person have approximately the same structure. They are formed 2 or more bones that are covered with a cartilage cloth. Crying makes the glide of the articular bones while driving. Each joint on top is covered with a shell, part of it is a synovial fluid. It performs such important features:

The joints in the human body are connected to each other with the help of ligaments. With intensive movement (running, jumping), the joint components are moving, their stretching, which can provoke a specific noise — crunch or grinding.

It has varying degrees of intensity (barely audible or loud). You do not need to be afraid. Most often, the joints are cristed in the knees, hands, feet, as well as the neck of the spine, individually or all at the same time.

Factors influence this process:

But it is necessary to worry if such symptoms are added to an unpleasant crunch:

As I said earlier, the crunch in the whole body can have a physiological and pathological character.

Physiological causes are most often dependent on the individual characteristics of the structure of the human body.

For example, there may be the following phenomena:

Sometimes crunch joints can be one of the symptoms of some diseases. What? Now I’ll tell you everything.

There are several of them:

For all these pathologies, the presence of a crunch in the joints is characterized. If other symptoms have noticed other symptoms in addition to him, then consult your doctor.

Of course, with the presence of one of the above pathologies, my tips will not help.

It is necessary to find out why the joints are cristed in the whole body, but only then get rid of this trouble. In the formulation of the correct diagnosis, only an experienced specialist will help you. My recommendations for those who wish to reduce physiological crunch. So, I advise you to adhere to such rules:

So, we found out that in most cases the crunch in the joints should not scare you, because it is a natural process. If other symptoms are added to it (especially painful sensations) — it is necessary to seek help to a doctor.

In general, the crunch in the joints does not cause arthrosis. Recent X-ray study at 215 people showed that

Dr. Donald Unger conducted his own experiment. He crunched with my fingers only one left hand every day for 60 years, after which no differences in the brushes were revealed. The scientist received the so-called Schnobel Prize for this work in 2009, although in our opinion, his research is very useful, and he is simply charming

Remember the main rule:

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