Cucumbers against memory loss

17 Сен

Cucumbers against memory loss

Many people consider the worsening memory inevitable sign of aging. But scientists from the Institute of Solk’s Biological Research (oh, these scientists, forever something will find) found that with a worsening of memory you can fight, simply by eating cucumbers.

In the studies on mice with signs of Alzheimer’s disease, a favorable effect of physometh is established — a substance contained in cucumbers. One group of mice received water with a phisetine, the second is water without adding a physometh. At mice in the first group, the memory did not deteriorate, even if they were genetically programmed to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Fisetin stopped the process of memory violations and learning ability. Scientists hope that physometh will prevent memory loss and people.

Ten years ago, another group of scientists found out that physometh has an anti-inflammatory and anti-associate effect on brain cells and protect neurons from aging.

In natural conditions, the most physometh is contained in cucumbers with peel. In small quantities, it contains the following fruits and vegetables:

But even if you have something against the Fzetin, then the power of cucumbers is not limited to this. Cucumbers belong to the number of low-calorie products and contain a lot of water. They also contain beta carotene, healthy eye health; Vitamin C, known as the defender of the immune system; Vitamin K, promoting bone strengthening; Potassium and magnesium. The cucumber seeds contain calcium, and the peel is an excellent source of fibers. And what cosmetic masks are obtained from cucumbers, flush, flush!

Given all the beneficial properties of cucumbers, not even confirmed while in humans, it makes sense to use them more often. Or do you disagree?