Day norm of bananas: how much can I eat without harm

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Day norm of bananas: how much can I eat without harm

Bananas are able to give ass to any vegetable and fruit, if we talk about their benefits. But with the wrong use you will be filled into Siberia. Just, but overdose by bananas really does not promise anything good.

In the article, I will tell you how many bananas can eat, why not preferably more, and what happens if you decide to eat alone bananas.

If you consider yourself to the clan of the fans of bananas, you can’t live without this berry or seriously think about creating a banana religion, stop. Bananas are needed by the human body, but their use in unlimited quantities will lead to health problems and pity for themselves.,

To begin with, I will say that I was not mistaken in the first sentence. Banana is a berry, not a fruit, as it is considered. The fact is that bananas as we see them are artificially created. This plant is obtained as a result of crossing and has nothing to do with wild bananas, the fruits of which are similar to berries in all characteristics.

But we will take away from pity for greenhouse bananas, which have not been sex for more than 100 years, and back to their daily dosage for a person.

You need to use this product with the mind. According to medical experts, no harm to health 3 banana per day for adult and 2 — for a child. This is enough that the body learns all the beneficial substances contained in the Bananas, and did not declare the SOS position due to overdose. But if the norm is observed, you reward the body with a considerable amount of benefits:

By the way, the bonus for women — bananas reduce the negative signs of premenstrual syndrome. That is, before critical days you will shout less, nervous and handle everything around, and the abdominal pain will stop calling your thoughts like «why is it all», «Why this test fell to me.»

But do not forget that the banana is not only useful, but also a calorie product. 2-3 caloric banana equates to a rather big such piece of cake, which is driven on a treadmill for 1-2 hours.

If you want to lose weight, consider calories. But if you still decide to eat some dessert, better if it is bananas, and not a juicy cupcake with chocolate.

The bananas contain a storehouse of beneficial substances, and they can be loved at least for it. The product includes:

Above I mentioned that people who want to lose weight should be more careful with bananas. Per 100 g of product accounts for 96 kcal. But everything is more complicated here than it seems at first glance.

It is worth paying tribute to fiber, which is also included in the bananas and slows down the processes of digestion. As a result, the appetite as an elephant is not played, as often happens during a diet.

That is, if suddenly immediately after the clock arrow crossed the border 18:00, your body gave to know that it will eat everything around — it is better to eat a banana, not an apple. The fiber contained in the banana will take the appetite, but the apple can strengthen it. The latter entails uncontrollable Zhor the possibility of a breakdown. In a couple of hours you will eat much more than just a banana. And if you immediately leave the apple for later and select a banana, this will not follow the refrigerator’s new attacks.

The oversucess of the beneficial substances contained in the bananas can harm the body. When you plan, how many bananas eat today, do not forget that substances from their composition are contained in other products. Of course, you can eat only 3 bananas, and nothing else, but your body will twist with your finger at the temple and say that it will not work for such a low payment. Therefore, we will be realistic. What will happen if the abuse of bananas:

I’ll tell you a little about the famous banana diet. According to its principles, the daily diet is thinning is 10-14 bananas and water. Such health experiments are direct path to the hospital. Even the creators of these ill-fated diets insist that abide by their more than 4 days in a row — is dangerous to life well-being.

All microelements and macroelements needed for normal livelihoods should flow into the body. There are no all necessary substances in bananas, therefore such diet if they lead to a decrease in weight, then the price is more important — health.

By the way, in the homeland of bananas, where they are always eating everywhere, where they are considered the basis of the diet, use no more than 4 pieces per day. Of course, I do not hint at anything, but is it worth it with people taking bananas in the 10th generation?

This does not mean that if you eaten 5 bananas in one day, deals with the body will begin to occur. 1, 2 and even 3 times nothing will be solved. But the regular excess of the norm is already fraught with the consequences.

If you still have not used bananas, but learned about their useful properties and decided that it would be nice to start, I support. When using 2 bananas every day, changes will occur with the organism, and they will benefit:

Probably, many results you will not even notice, because they appear gradually. This is not a tablet from the head, which is enough 30 minutes. This is more serious. But I believe that it is better if you do not see how the use of bananas led to normalization of pressure than every day you will suffer from this ailment and think of how to get rid of it. Consider that this is your guardian angel who is secret.

With overdose of bananas, they may affect the body negatively. Scientists from the University of Alabama even conducted a study during which they found out that regular overdose by bananas causes ischemic heart disease.

It is true that any useful product may be poison with improper use, but scientists tend to dramatize. In no case, I do not question the truthfulness of their research, but even the results of the experiment with ischemic heart disease can be interpreted differently. To call it, you need to eat 400 bananas in a short period of time. Can you eat 400 bananas per day? After 50, you have a resistant hatred of this product for many years.

That is, the risk is present, but not as big as researchers frighten people. Banana was and is one of the safest products. Observe the norm, and you will be happy.

By the way, there is another horror rod about bananas. Round out that they are radioactive. It is true, but do not hurry to spin just a bit off a piece of banana in a bucket. They radiate radiation, but in minor quantities. Moreover, all products do it. For example, nuts are 6 times radioactive. And when you go through the MRI procedure, you get a dose of radioactivity exceeding the radioactivity of bananas 100 times. It is not scary.

Thus, I hurry to delight you — you will not die from bananas. Eat on your health and rejoice in life.