Diabetes not verdict: Sweet joy for diabetics

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Diabetes not verdict: Sweet joy for diabetics

Sweet love everything, but unfortunately, not every person can afford to eat sweets and chocolate. After all, the composition of traditional delicacies is necessarily sugar. And with diabetes mellitus, the patient does not absorb sugar, and therefore it has to be replaced by other sweet substances.

Chemists came to the help of doctors. At the end of the 19th century, the American scientist Professor Falberg, as a result of complex chemical experiments, managed to get the first artificial sweet substance in the world — Sakharin. He turned out to be sweeter than sugar, but did not have any nutritional value, but sugar is an important source of energy.

Later, scientists managed to get more useful artificial sweeteners, for example, xylitis. Externally, it looks like a white powder. Sweets in it are two times less than in sugar, but it is not inferior to him at the calories at all. And most importantly, xylitis is completely safe for diabetics. Confectioners do not forget that people patients people also want to pamper themselves with sweets. Therefore, a chocolate is produced specifically for patients with diabetes, in which sugar is replaced with xylitol or fructose.

Fructose is sweeter than sugar and, unlike other sweeteners, natural, organic origin. This is fruit sugar, which is part of many plants. Very much fructose in honey. It is also contained in most fruits. Natural fructose is much more useful for our organism than other sweet substances. Chocolate on fructose without fears may have even those who sits on the strictest diet.

But not only chocolate can eat diabetics without fears. Allow yourself ice cream, apple. And you can cook snowballs. Take two egg squirrels and take them with fructose or saccharine into a strong foam. Lower the tablespoon in boiling water for a few minutes. Then place on the colander, so that the glass is excess water, paint the creamy sauce. Treaty is ready!