Digest Zen Channel «Vika Nowhau»

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Digest Zen Channel «Vika Nowhau»

Greetings all my subscribers!

I want to express great gratitude to you that you read my articles and comment on them. You betray me with your activity forces for writing new ones. Thanks a lot!

And so in this post I want to summarize the month of life of the channel and make a rating of articles that, somehow interest you. Someone is negative, someone is positive. Each your reaction to articles on gold weight. Let’s call this post «Digest Zen Canal Vika Nohau».

I will try to make some top records precisely on the popularity of reading regardless of the user’s reaction to the article.

At the moment, since this format has not been on the channel for a long time for 4 weeks, and from tomorrow I will be a rating for a week from Friday to Friday! This top will include 10 articles.

Digest Zen Channel Vika Nowhau:


All these articles were awarded your attention, my dear subscribers and for it you thank you so much!

More for a particularly satisfied Zen, the channel «Vika Nohau» I introduced a form for gratitude to the channel in each article for gratitude to the channel, those tools that I would be able to assemble the channel development!

Here is this form

But this does not oblige anyone to anything, it’s just a form for expressing gratitude to me if anyone may not want to do it, now there is such an opportunity. At the end of each article there will be a given form of gratitude!

Also, if anyone has a desire to relocate your channel in some way on my. I will not write all applications to Iamnowhow@yandex.ru

In what format: exchange of publications with mutual references or native integration or just post, etc. All formats can be discussed!

I also lead a group in classmates

Well, in general, all thanks again!

I will continue to publish articles, I hope I will please you!

Thank you and of course …

Waiting for your interesting comments!

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