Divination on the burned paper: the value and interpretation of the figures

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Divination on the burned paper: the value and interpretation of the figures

The value of fortune telling on paper burned — how to properly interpret what happened as a result of this ancient magical action, which came to us from the depths of centuries. Many today know theoretically that if you set fire to paper and look at what is left after the combustion — we will see a silhouette that is somehow connected with our destiny, but not everyone knows how to properly interpret these drawings and how to burn paper, in which We can also do this in which there is not. All these subtleties are of paramount importance in despusting on the burned paper, because without accurate observance of all rituals, it is just a balobiness that does not say anything truthful about your life.

On our site you will find an overview of the most common ways to divine on burnt paper and get gradual advice on these rituals. May the force be with us.

The light blinds a person, distracting it from the secrets of the universe. Only in the shadows you can see the true nature of things and find out the future. This is actively used when performing special predictive practices. Ancient-in-law in the shadows — a sure way to reveal your own soul and get information about the upcoming events.

The ritual must fall on the shields (from 7 to 19 January). In another period, the results will be distorted; They are more likely to confuse what to help a person to deal with the problem. It is preferable to perform fortune telling on the shadow of fire at night. If it turns out to be allocated only during the day, you should darken the room as much as possible, turning the windows and extinguished the light. It is important to remove from the room of the mirror, electrical equipment, photos. It is advisable to take care of the absence of drafts that can affect the flame. Guess alone.

You will need:

Need to stay in front of a flat light wall. If necessary, it can be drilled by a white sheet. Starting the divination on the shadows should be in full concentration on the question. It may concern any sphere of life; The main thing is to really experience genuine interest (the prediction of curiosity rarely provides truthful results).

It is necessary to turn the plate and put a crumpled paper sheet onto its bottom. The burning candle is put so that a well-viewed shadow is formed on the wall. Already at this stage, the first image may see the first image indicating the root cause of the problem. Paper should be treated. It is necessary to carefully observe the shadows appearing on the wall. Each of them contains the answer to the question.

The images are different: as a rule, from one to thirteen. Replacing figures show events unfolding in chronological order. Recompose the result is recommended, based on the traditional value of the division symbols by shadow, but at the same time should not ignore intuition. Often the inner voice gives the correct tip.

Each person sees his own images on the wall. They depend both on the question and the fantasy and the worldview of the gadget. But still there are a number of universal symbols that appear most often. To figures whose predictive value is obvious and repeatedly described:




Object item:

It’s not so difficult to understand what the divination is in the shadows, if focusing on his question. Each image brings with you the answer — you only need to show a little smelting to interpret it correctly. The value of divination by shadow from paper: the sample of the interpretation every case is individual, you can consider only a few special cases to improve the understanding of the interpretation rules.

For example:

The divination by the shadows on the wall spent the girl.

The divination on the shade of burned paper was performed by a man who was interested in his material well-being for the next year.

The divination on the shade of paper conducted a woman who has a little child suffer.

Issues better set different ways: thus there will be no layering of several figures on one problem, and the interpretation will turn out more accurate. Distribution with paper on the shadows is an unusual and exciting predictive experience. The rite always helps to get a truthful answer. The question is only how a person is able to see the message on the wall for himself.

Divination on the burned paper, the value of the figures if you decide to guess on the ashes, decide which the option of predicting the future you like most. You can simply set fire to the paper sheet, wait until it is completely burning, and see which figures have formed before you from burnt paper.

There are a variety of extinguishing methods. One of the easiest — fortune telling on a magnificent paper. Fire is a strong natural element that gives a person the opportunity to look into the future and find answers to all questions. Main ways of divination:

Fortune telling on Luzheny paper with the help of a candle — an easy way to learn your future. It is best to spend a ritual from January 6 to 7 after sunset. In the room where it will pass, you need to remove all the icons, mirrors to drill with black cloth, windows and doors to close. The light must be turned off. You will need:

Take a white paper sheet, put it on a saucer and burn. When it starts to burn, set the burning candle near the saucer. The flame of the candle will make shadows that discarded sheet, more distinct and visible. Concentrate on fire and imagine how all your desires are executed. After the paper will progrit, you need to carefully consider its shadow.

If you do not see clear images, the saucer can be twisted. But it is necessary to do it very carefully that the sheet does not break up. Images of shadows will be prompted as the situation will develop, and will give answers to all the questions.

When a person is ready to spend a fortune telling on a mysterious shadow, he needs to take white paper and, focusing on his inner sensations, set up a sheet and put it on a plate. When he burns, it is necessary to closely monitor the replacing shadow images that are displayed on the wall. No need to rush to watch the meaning of the images seen, you need to catch and memorize them. As a rule, pictures always replace very quickly, it seems that they chase each other.

During the ritual, gadgets during the ritual can feel positive or negative energy. Some can hear intermittent sounds or feel long-term noise in the head. All this usually lasts from 25 seconds to 1-2 minutes, depending on the size of the paper and the duration of its burning.

So, you decided to find out your future and for this they chose one of the most mysterious and complex fortunes — divination by shadows. Difficult, this fortune-telling is considered because of the need to pay attention to many trifles and comply with certain conditions. If you feel about the upcoming ritual seriously, then carefully examine the following tips.

Now we will decide on the day of the week. Of course, if you only want to steal yourself or friends, then feel free to choose any day convenient for you. However, if the fortune telling on the shadows value is somewhat more, the best time for the ritual will be the night from Friday on Saturday. It should be started to guess before the onset of midnight, and complete it after. According to experienced specialists, the temporary framework must be observed, then the results of divination will be more accurate.

Do not be nervous, do not worry and not advertise your intentions on the day of fortune telling. Conducting a ritual, do not be distracted by interpretation, you will still have time at this time. At the same time, you can miss something really important.

You will need: paper, wax or paraffin candle and some heat-resistant base — the plate is most often used. Speakly approach the choice of paper, the newspaper is more suitable for divination — its sheets are quite large, well, and burn. If the newspapers are not at hand, take the paper, but it’s better a black for writing, and not for the printer — it will be better to burn. Pretty doubt paper in your hands. Do not try to make a ball from her, let it be a relative com. Turn the plate (or the base you chose), and put the paper on the bottom. Light a candle, extinguish light.

Look at the shadow that discarded not burned paper. Remember or write down what they saw. Now neatly burn paper. Look carefully on the shadow, which throws away the burning paper. Remember the characters that appear in front of you. How much time is one or another character hold? What was the shadow — black or unclear gray? In the future, these observations will need you with interpretation. When the paper does not rush, without destroying the shape of the ashes, bring the plate to the candle, carefully, and the last symbol is determined by the shadow. The fortune telling on the shadows interpretation of the figures.

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