Do you need to use your position?

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Do you need to use your position?

It is said that men are less than women. Believing in it, many men use their position, not appreciate relations with those partners who love them. They think that since women are more, then you need to take advantage of this and get a few partners, thereby compensating for the lack of men. But what happens to people (who are afraid to stay alone, because they believe in the idea of ​​»men not enough»), if suddenly it turns out that women are smaller than men? Now women must turn the nose, choosing the cavaliers, because the fear of staying one disappears, because to look for a partner and not to stay alone — the task of a man.

At first


Not worth it, because it will not help you in search of an ideal partner who will be interesting for you. If you yourself are not a good, beautiful, smart and honest person, then people suitable for your image of the perfect partner will prefer to remain alone. And your life will be connected only with the same arrogant and unfortunate people, like you. No matter who is more — men or women. The main thing is, what kind of person you are, are able to attract to themselves who attracts you.