Does the invoice help to fall asleep and whether it is possible?

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Does the invoice help to fall asleep and whether it is possible?

Undoubtedly, the score of sheep, elephant or some abstract numbers contributes to falling asleep. Try to calculate anything, and it may help you fall asleep. But it is necessary to consider correctly, focusing on the images you think. The account must be mental (and not loud) and unhurried, you can visually represent the image that you think, for example, numbers. It is necessary to observe how these figures swim in front of the eyes: it is faster, then slower, possibly changing its outlines, sometimes the numbers cease to be numbers and fly somewhere in infinity. All you see and feel at the moment inside yourself, in your imagination, all this needs to be perceived and watch. The main thing is not an invoice as such, but focusing on the process itself. Consider health, but do not learn counting any of this conclusions. The process is important, and your opinion at this point can spoil a lot. Estimate the effectiveness of this approach regarding the end result (sleep) can be only in the morning. After sleep, the analysis of his own falling asleep will not interfere with anything, but on the contrary, will allow you to formulate the tasks for the coming evening. If you begin to analyze the results obtained during a fall asleep, then you can push your sleep. A.M. Vane said that the dream is like a bird that sits on the hand, and if we want to grab it, then she will definitely fly away.

The main error in sweeping training and with relaxation methods and with methods based on the imagination is the mechanical execution of these methods. A foreign observer may have the impression that you seem to do it not for yourself, but do someone’s favor. For example, you can count the numbers «on the autopilot», automatically, without focusing on this attention and in parallel to think about any or other people’s problems. In this case, you can immediately stop the account, there is no point. The result can be effective only when you fully give yourself to this work.

Another error is the desire to get everything immediately. If you cannot relax immediately, you can focus on something else, for example, on breathing, heartbeat, or something else. Try to feel how your heart beats, or listen, how you breathe. But albeit slowly, unnoticed, but with each exhale you have a relaxation, who at the very beginning of the exhalation, at someone at the end. At this moment your hands and legs are harder, there is no desire to move, and with each new breath there are forces, energy, you inhale not only the air, and also acquire something that it pleases you, slightly intoxicates.

Anyway, look for new ways that will give your brain to relax and sleep well.

The third error is not regular. Sleep, it became better and forgot everything. Why do something to do if it became better. After the first attempt, you can say that it does not help and will not help. If you say so, then definitely will not help, it is better to postpone complex exercises until better times. As it changes to myself and your health can be useful.