Drink coffee and cake

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Drink coffee and cake

If you are not much different from most people, the morning cup of coffee shakes off your sleep remnants, and you are ready to do business, but only after sitting on the pot.

But what about coffee, what does it contribute to the intestinal emptying?

20 years ago, Rao with colleagues conducted an experiment, during which 12 «luckyrs» over 10 hours were anal sensors for measuring the intestinal activity. The experiment participants drank the same amount of real coffee, coffee without caffeine and hot water, and also ate lunch per 1000 calories.

The food caused the most significant activity in the intestines, but scientists were surprised to find that real coffee was not far behind and caused a reduction in 60% stronger than hot water, and by 23% — than coffee without caffeine.

RAO believes that although caffeine and plays a significant role in stimulating the intestinal activity, there is something else in coffee, which encourages you to go to the toilet and Kakak.

Scientists assume that one or more components of the beverage causes the allocation of certain hormones in your body, such as motilin, which stimulates the intestinal cuts, or gastrin, which causes the absorption of the acid in the stomach. Hence the urge to go to the toilet.

In addition, it is possible that the urges arise due to the combination of many factors of your morning diet.

RAO notes that the fat intestine and so in the morning two times more actively because of the daily rhythm of your body. Add here a breakfast, coffee, which by yourself also increase the intestinal activity, and everything becomes clear.

In order not to see an extra in the office toilet in the morning, RAO advises to drink morning coffee no earlier than two hours after they wake up.

So you will give your colon time to calm down after the morning plant.

And when you drink your first cup, try not to combine it with food or exercise, since they also increase the intestinal activity.

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