Drink or not drinking coffee?

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Drink or not drinking coffee?

Coffee more than once became the subject of hot disputes about the dangers or benefits of its regular use.

But experts from the German Institute of Human Potsdam-Rebrug’s Nutrition held a large-scale (although essentially statistical) research and did not find any properties of coffee, which would increase the risk of heart disease or cancer, as well as type 2 diabetes.

For nine years every two or three years, scientists under the leadership of the epidemiologist Anna Fogel visited more than 42 thousand of their wards and tracked their state of their health.

Previously, the features of the lifestyle of the observed participants were taken into account: diet, habits, volumes of physical exertion, and most importantly — addiction (or its absence) to coffee.

In this case, the hereditary diseases in all these people were absent.

The results of the observation were published in the American magazine of clinical food and showed that those who drank 4 cups of coffee per day, and those who did not drink coffee in general were inclined to the development of one of the above diseases in an absolutely equal degree.

But in terms of type 2 diabetes, then lovers of coffee, apparently, turn out to be in a significant winnings — they have a whole 23% less chance to get diabetes.

«Consumption of a large amount of coffee steadily correlates with a low risk of development of type 2 diabetes in many reputable research around the world, — with knowledge of the case, Professor Rob Van Dame from National University of Singapore, closely familiar with the problem .- Although this drink, of course, is not Panacea from the disease. «

It is noteworthy that the most famous component of coffee — caffeine — most likely does not matter in this property of coffee: Fogel has established that those who drink coffee without caffeine still had a lower risk of developing diabetes than those who did not drink coffee at all.

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