Effective Diet with Acid Reflux

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Effective Diet with Acid Reflux

In people suffering from gastrointestinal reflux, as a result of a reduction in the voltage of the sphincter of the lower esophageal, the gastric contents are refunded together with the gastric acid back to the esophagus. This can cause inflammatory processes caused by heartburn. This disease can be especially unpleasant during sleep.

People fighting with this disease, in addition to pharmacological treatment, must definitely change their diet. In the case of people with obesity, the question of reducing body weight is also important, so food in their menu should be mainly low-calorie and healthy.

The value also has the amount and speed of food eating. Always avoid stimulants such as cigarettes and alcohol. Watch out for the reaction of your body. When the heartburn appears, use almonds, green tea and skimmed milk.

Some heartiness helps to calm the skimmed milk. Use dairy products, but in moderation, as they can increase the development of digestive juices and strengthen discomfort.

Enter the raw and boiled vegetables in the menu. Eat carrots, beets, spinach. However, avoid products causing the bloating, and bully.

Choose lean meat. Limit fried dishes and grilled. Bake fish in foil and sleeve. The most healthy alternative for you is the cooking in water and cooking for a couple.

Eat in small quantities and, importantly, regularly 5-6 times a day. Do not lie right away after eating.

Choose fruit carefully. Citrus can enhance discomfort. Immature bananas remove heartburn. Eat them in small portions.

Drink non-carbonated water and herbal teas, in addition to infusion from the peppermint. Reflux also recommended green tea.

Symptoms of the disease will strengthen: spicy spices, tomatoes, chocolate, pickles and other products with the addition of vinegar, as well as hard-based products, such as Bigus, roast.

Very harmful use of any alcohol. It is also undesirable to drink coffee, strong tea and carbonated drinks.