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Eh tour operators

In connection with the closure of all tourist destinations, the tour operators annul the tours and export tourists who are still abroad. Instead of canceled trips, market participants offer tourists to change the date of the tour or get a deposit on the tour. Consider that the company offers tourists.

On Sunday, March 22, it became known that Russia limits international air communication. From March 23, 2020, international regular flights will be performed only

Under these conditions, it became impossible to form and implement tours abroad. Tour operators massively cancel tours, along the way, organizing tourists returning to Russia, who are abroad on vacation.

Given the strict majority of quarantine measures in many countries of the world, it is not necessary to count on rapid deciding on cancellation issues. Such a precedent occurs in the world for the first time.

«Currently, most service providers in Europe and Asia actually does not work and does not make financial and economic operations, and calculations (including returns) — up to the termination of the epidemic and quarantine regime. For this reason, the refinement of the amount of expenses on the application and the return itself can take a longer time, «explained in Pax company. The same situation and other tour operators.

«Even confirmed cash returns from foreign companies are currently being carried out with significant delays or stopped at all. All this does not allow the tour operators to immediately answer requests for each round, «-

At the same time, tourists are important to understand that the travel agent cannot immediately return to him for the annulled tour. «The travel agent should not return the money to the client from his funds,» —

In accordance with the contract, the agent transmits the money to the operator, which makes payment for services, including abroad. The travel agent can return cash only when they come to him from the tour operator. And this in the current situation is possible only after receiving refunds from foreign counterparties.

Considering all these circumstances, earlier ROSTURISM

The main tactic for most of the treaties (tourists, tour operators, travel agents) should now be waiting. It is important to understand including tourists who planned their tours to long-distance dates. Nobody can predict the development of the situation now, so the best way out for them will wait until the start of their tours.

Cancellation of summer tours Now, tourists lose money: tour operators have the right to hold actually incurred costs for all countries (except China, Italy, South Korea and Iran), which is confirmed by the position of Roshurism (information messages of the department of March 15 and 16).


«Due to our volumes and force majeure of the situation in the world, the most optimal for all the solution to the issue is


The deposit voucher can be applied to any future booking until December 2021, the cost of which will be reduced to the amount specified in the voucher. There are no restrictions on booking a new tour / service.

Tourists who planned to go to the cruise is provided to the deposit voucher in which it will be indicated

Tourists whose cruises were


Cash remaining on the deposit

First, this is a rejoice in later dates. So,

As for tours with departure in May 2020, they are proposed to be transferred to dates in October 2020 — May 2021 (with the exception of calendar holidays)

Finally, there is an opportunity to transfer tours with departure between March — May 2020 for tours with departure to any dates from June to September 2020 with a surcharge between the new and previously reserved tour


Another option, if tourists still want to go on a trip —

Also, the operator’s clients are provided

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