Evil people

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Evil people

Who are evil people? These are representatives who cause some moral or material damage around the fact that they see evil in them. Chronically evil people, as if prosecutors, are ready to see the threat of absolutely in any person. The surrounding for them are a source of danger, so they have a desire to attack them first to neutralize and pre-warn the attack on their part.

Any situation in which the angry person is involved is aimed at humiliate or neutralize a source that causes anger. And this source is sometimes becoming only because we defend your position and do not go on the capricis of your angry opponent. In this case, it is very important to be able to communicate with those who are not tuned to listen to your arguments, but to deprive you «soil under your feet.»

In the dispute, try to break the position of your interlocutor, and not prove your right thing. We defend your opinion, but not with the help of proof of your rightness, but thanks to the fact that you show the meaninglessness of the arguments of the opponent.

With evil people, it is better not to communicate. Of course, an evil is present in each person, however there are people who constantly experience aggression towards peace, while others are only in some cases. With chronically evil people who constantly pour their anger, it is better not to communicate, because they take time and energy and do not bring any benefit. Let you have one friend, but which will not be because of any little things are angry with you than a thousand evil friends who will not blame the opportunity to blame you once again.