Experiment — transforming life

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Experiment — transforming life

When the black stripe happens, life around as if begins to flicker. It seems that everything goes under Sunny and the negative caught the crown of the emperor of our life.

The essence of this experiment is that every day before going to bed (it is important) to record in the notebook thanks to this world.

You will need:

Share notepad on 3 blocks:

In each block, write down so much «thanks», how much you want to say. Do not skimp on these magic words — Thank you all and all: a stranger for the restrained door, life for the sunny day, a girlfriend for a good advice, herself … Yes, at least for the desire to share with the world with his gratitude.

Try, and you will see how lighter and happier will be your days, you will feel how great to be you and living such a wonderful life.

The main thing is not to be lazy. Record thoughts every day, otherwise the result will not meet the expectations. If there is a desire, then you can continue this erasely ritual and make it an integral part of your life.,

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