Finally the first

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Finally the first

Finally! Your dream guy dared to invite you to the first date!

It would seem that you can do wrong?

Well, for example, in order to conquer it from the first minute to run into the nearest beauty salon and cool change its appearance beyond recognition. But this unrecognizability can turn against you. Think, why change the hair color, if the guy drew attention to you in color blond? Probably, he likes blondes. Whether you are brunette, he could have passed by.

Do not wait for compliments about the new manicure, because the guys do not differ attentive.

Unlike girls. This girlfriend can notice the smallest in the change in the image, and the guy needs to ask the forehead as a new dress or hairstyle. But this is already at the later stages of relationships.

So how do you need to dress on the first date? We will analyze everything in detail.

The main thing is to feel as they say, in its plate

Choose what you like. Remember, the woman first dresses for himself, then for the girlfriends and only in the third place for his man. If you like him, then you like in any form. Of course, if you look clean, tidy and fresh.

And there will be a T-shirt with jeans or a cocktail dress depends on the style you stick to everyday life.


Let’s start with this garrobe item. Suddenly you want to wear a skirt.

In general, men react better to girls in dresses and skirts than in jeans and trousers. Lenten choose adequate to look at a full-fledged wardrobe subject, and not like a slightly extended belt. After all, you strive to conquer your fan, and not seduce it.

The guy will not like it if the surrounding representatives of the strong floor will frankly staring at your legs and the fifth point. And if they get get acquainted, then the fights can not be avoided.


Load in the closet of any girl. Not the best option for a romantic date. But if you still decided, then do not dress jeans with cuts, rhinestones and other nonsense. It is childish and ugly.


The fighting color does not paint the girl’s face. Believe me, the guys are afraid when the girl sticks the eyelashes or pumped lips even worse.

Call as much as possible. You can emphasize a certain part of the person, for example, to highlight the eyes or focus on the lips. Haired is also better not to experiment and do not paint in purple or green. Everywhere you need to follow the norm.

How to pay time to yourself if the working day is loaded under the urban. It is better to think about it in advance and maximize the day of well or at least the evening. If during the day it fails to put yourself in order, prepare an outfit for the evening in advance. Make and drag everything on a hanger. Makeup Make a daytime so that after work only gently correct it. As for the hairstyles, there is nothing better than freshly made hair. Wash your head in the morning before work.


O! This is an important detail of your further communication. It is said that the best aroma is the smell of fresh bodies.

But no one forbade a drop of spirits. Just do not pour on the whole bottle. And the perfume is better to choose with a gentle unobtrusive slightly catchy aroma.


Choose under the clothes. Suggesight will look like sheds with sundress or high heels with jeans. As for the heel, it should be adhere to the middle height, let’s say 5-6 centimeter.

If the guy is a little higher than you, it is better to give up heels at all so as not to embarrass him. If the guy invited you for a walk, put a comfortable shoes, so that you can feed kilometers, not racing corn. Hell quickly adjust makeup. For example, tint lips or pointing the nose in the subway and even the bus.


It happens that the day scheduled for dates is going to rain. Well, do not give up for this reason from a date with your loved one. You can chat in a cozy cafe or go to the movies. If you are afraid that might flow mascara. It is better not to paint eyelashes, but to limit the eyeliner.

Hair is also better to check that the curls did not dismiss. Just do not overdo it. Otherwise, it turns out the effect of merging hair. As for the shoes, wear such that is not afraid of the puddle. You won’t jump, risk to turn legs and fall. Well, just in case, grab an umbrella with you.


In your busy schedule, you can only pay the time for your figure and go to fitness or yoga. What to do if after the gym you have to go on a date?

Do not take a spare dress or stiletto shoes. Well, you can buy a multifunctional beautiful jumpsuit, where the necessary products of hygiene and cosmetics will fit, as well as grab with them an elegant backpack.

Unforeseen date

Sometimes guys are spontaneous and may want to see you right here and now. For an unexpected offer, you cannot refuse.

And already think, how do you feel it to get to Square. And only then start thinking that they are absolutely not ready for a spontaneous date.

If you are going to go to a meeting from work, then surely all the way and you only need to refresh the makeup. If you are at home. That you need to be able to collect a maximum of half an hour.

What can you have time during this time?

Quickly take a shower and dress clean clothes. Wash your head and dry it with a hairdryer. Touch the eyelashes and put shine on the lips. Throw your favorite spirits before going out. That’s all.


Well, how without them. Without these little things, no self-respecting girl do. You can restrict ourselves to a small clutch or compact leather handbag.

You can also stop your choice on the purse if the walk will be short. As for the colors of the wardrobe as a whole, it all depends on the topic of date.

For a romantic evening, light and tender tones are well fit. Do not dress in all black, it can scare away the guy. Of course, if you belong to the subculture and the cavalier shares your views, then why not. Do not dress up all pink glamorous. This is also greatly alarming.

But do not worry at all. After all, the first step on his part is already made, it means that he will not make you an exam. In addition, the guy is most likely worried and behaves also. Be natural and it will appreciate it.

Waiting for your interesting comments!

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