First bathing kid

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First bathing kid

For the first weeks, many parents refuse to swim the baby, and simply wipe it with warm wet sponge. The child is placed on a clean towel, wipe it, and then wipe the towel. The face and handles of the kid wash often, also often purify the genital area with each change of diaper.

In the bath you can bathe a child even when Pupovina has not yet heal. The main thing is to kid when bathing and after it was warm.

It is necessary to use special

It is not recommended to use the means for washing too often, especially during the first weeks after the birth of the child. It is better to choose special tools with neutral pH, created for delicate skin of the baby and do not cross it.

Many parents are afraid to bathe a child, but you should not be afraid. Snack will come with time. The main thing to stay calm and confidently hold the child. Many children calm down in warm water and better fall asleep after taking a bath. Some do not like water and cry during swimming.

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