Five animals possessing supercaps

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Five animals possessing supercaps

About some of the representatives of the world of animals and you will not say that they have super superconductances due to their non-zeepy appearance. Let’s look at them more carefully.

Naked excavator passes through the concrete wall

Naked farm looks like the perfect hero of the American animated series — a ridiculous and absolutely stupid character. The longer you are on «this», the more stupid it seems to you.

First, the protruding front teeth are thrown into the eyes, due to which it seems that the animal is constantly confused smiling. Then, looking around, you understand that another row of teeth begins under them.

Just take a look at this pitiful creature! It seems as if it slept for a few hours in a bathroom of a large communal, and now it is explained with the enraged neighbors who finally visible him.

This pale wrinkled skin also works on the image of a depressive nonwork, which was not chosen in the light … Yes, in fact, never. What is very close to the truth, since the farms live in underground tunnels, where they produce like that.

Front teeth of bare farm — a terrible weapon. They allow the animal in the literal sense to pass through the thickness of the concrete. Here’s what it looks like:

So it was before. But what happened after.

How is it possible? First, the teeth of the excavator are solid, like a diamond, secondly, the impeccable work of the jaw provides 25 percent of its muscles (in humans, for comparison, this is only one percent).

In addition, a third of the cerebral crust of this creature works on the ability to nibble, gnawing and nibble. That is, the evolution «scored» to improve the remaining parts of the organism of these animals, and sent all the forces to the jaw region. If nature with the same diligence worked on the other bodies of bare farms … I would not seem to know a little.

To dig spacious underground tunnels and dig up food, excavators even gave the ability to control the front teeth separately — about as Chinese chopsticks.

Of course, even after the foregoing, naked farm did not become prettier, but it is also unlikely to call him ridiculous harmless creation.

Axolotl is able to repel the new brain

This creature is also very similar to the Pixar studio cartoon. Nevertheless, it is very present. The scientific is called Albino Axolotl. It seems as if nature created him on an ambulance hand from the remaining unclaimed details — the body like fish, frogs and ploomon physiognomy:

And the last barcode — tassels from the tablecloth around the head

Despite such external data, Axolotl has nothing to do with fish, nor with frogs is Salamander, which is found in Mexican lakes.

Solotl has such a gift — we will envy: the fantastic ability to grow lost organs.

Of course, we know other animals that can grow new tails or paws, but all of them before the acxolotl is very, very far away: he knows how to completely restore not only limbs, but also eyes, jaws, heart. And finally, this is the only vertebrant that can re-grow damaged fragments of its brain. They have another branded chip. Sometimes they lose one limb, and they grow two — to, as they say, it was.

As for a ridiculous appearance, it is just fully consistent with the content, since these creations, in addition to everything, can literally collect yourself in parts — connecting the freed parts of other congor to themselves — including heads.

Roughly speaking, if you take pieces of axolotle, fold together and mix, then it is quite possible (I probably do not take it certainly) that this vinaigrette will soon grow together in something uniform, rises to the paws and go on its Axolotian affairs.

Thanks to its unique abilities, these animals are now found not only in Mexico — they can be found in scientific laboratories around the world, where scientists are constantly cutting them into pieces and then fold them again, like a mosaic, hoping to solve this focus-bouquet.

Fish-elephant sees you through (or at least a deplete)

The elephant fish received its name for a misunderstanding. Its similar on the trunk thigh is not related to the nose, but to the chin. This fish spends most of his life in a pitch darkness, making babble solely at night.

This thing on the head actually performs the function of a personal metal detector. With its help, the fish finds mining, even if it recalls in or hide in the dark. This «detector» forms an electric field that is distorted by objects nearby, which allows the blind fish to «see» everything that happens around. Single half-selection of the water world.

Using such an invaluable tool, the elephant can obtain accurate information about the form and size of any object nearby, as well as determine the distance to it with an accuracy of several millimeters. Slowing over the bottom, the elephant fish with ease finds microscopic insects and installs, they are alive or dead — there is also such a function. What is important because the elephant fish feeds weakness to the dead larvae.

In addition, this strange body is used for mating. Each subspecies of the fish-elephant has its own electric charge. The females differ them and prefer representatives of their own subspecies.

An antilopa-jumper is able to jump from the cliff on the rock

Antelope-jumper (Antelope Clippspringer (Oreotragus Oreotragus)) is a type of African antelopes that go on tiptoe, as if they fear someone to wake. And in general, they always have such a magnificent look — it seems, that’s what the mascara will flow.

Of course, about all empty animals we can say that they go on tiptoe, but the sole jumpers, who concern the ground only with the tips of the «fingers»: they resemble ballerinas on pointes, and seem like the same fragile.

It is these «pointes» allow the antilopes to make quite ballet on beauty and lightness jumping from stone to stone. Just look at what you get out:

And this is something else — they can bounce on a dizzying height — 15 times higher than their own growth. Pay attention to how the legs of the animal are close when it lands? This is not by chance: hoofs allow them to be held on the surface not more than the anniversary coin, all four legs. Therefore, jumper antelopes can get to such vertices that are no longer conquered.

The secret is the peculiar rubber-like layer, which is covered with antelope hoof. It allows animals to jump from stone to stone and not slide. Or stand on any surface — against, it would seem all laws of nature.

Pacific squid can fly

In the ocean, full of creatures, which for us look completely idiot. All slit and strange-decorated with large sad eyes. Aklaumes Nudemom, as they were lucky. Take a look, for example, on this poor fellow:

These orange pieces are not a tentacle, as it would be possible to think. This is a mustache. And the sausage, which is connected to him — it is nothing but the flying Pacific squid.

These flying squids are photographed off the coast of Japan:

In order to push yourself out of the water, they (sorry for the intolerance) boost. This is done like this: squid pulls into itself as much water as possible, then pushes her out of himself, and with such a pressure that … finds the joy of flight. And biologists insist that this is not a jump and not slip, namely, the most real flight.

Squids can rise above the water by almost 20 meters and make the path of up to 45 meters through the air at a time, while they move over the water five times faster than in water.

Feds, which are becoming wings for the time of flight, are located at Squid in the back, so you have to fly a tail to the tail. And the flights for them are not just entertainment — they allow you to save a lot of time and forces during migrations. Squids, like their relatives, octopuses, die shortly after mating — and this is a serious reason to hurry.

Flying squid are not as well known as flying fish — mainly because they prefer to spend the «self-ups» at night, when there are not so many curious eyes and hungry birds.

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