Five products for perfect digestion

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Five products for perfect digestion

Good digestion is a dream of any normal person. And doubly dream of girls dreaming to lose weight. After all, if the stomach works as a clock, then problems with extra kilograms most often will not even arise. It is said that the rapid digestion is the key to the perfect figure. How to help the stomach to cope? Five products will help, which activate digestion processes.

Acute pepper and spices. You probably noticed that in eastern countries, much less complete women, and food there in many cases is sharper than our European. Acute foods accelerate digestion, increase metabolic processes.

Coffee and green tea. More precisely, all those drinks that contain caffeine. It is believed that they also help digestion. However, the Council is important here — everything is necessary in moderation, and on one of the coffee «Sitting» is not worth it.

Water. It has long been known that water is a source of energy and life. On a day you need to drink about two liters of water. Water undoubtedly improves the processes of digestion, and besides the condition of the skin.

Meat and protein products (eggs, fish, beans). Protein products are not in vain in the diet of athletes with the so-called «dryers» — they require high energy costs when digesting, improve digestion and help lose weight.

Beet. This vegetable contains fiber, and it is known to be very important for digestion. In addition, there are a lot of vitamins and beneficial in beets.