Five tips to each mistress for perfect cleaning in the kitchen

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Five tips to each mistress for perfect cleaning in the kitchen

Where do we spend almost all your free time when we are at home? The kitchen is the very place. Here we are cooking food for your favorite family. There is almost everything you need. We are going to breakfast, dinner and dinner. It’s fine. But everything requires constant maintenance of purity.

1) We draw your attention to the sink. It should sparkle. To do this, we free it from dishes and food residues. If we notice the dark spot, then do the following. We use potato starch for this and three to them sink until the stain disappears.

2) Soda-corrupt will come to the rescue to help with our work surfaces. We apply it to the worktop, pre-watered it. After 5 minutes with a damp sponge remove the remnants.

3) But an indispensable microwave. Take a piece of lemon, put into a deep bowl with water and put in the oven for ten minutes. Lemon will eliminate the unpleasant odor, and the hot water soften fat. It remains only to wipe with a sponge.

4) Check the electric kettle for scale. If it is, we take an equal amount of water and vinegar, hill in the kettle and turn it on. After just look good.

5) Do not forget about dirty lips and napkins. We soak them in hot water, adding washing powder and soda, at the rate of 1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water. I do not remember about them about an hour, and then we carefully rolling.

That’s all. Favorite cuisine is fully ready, it glitters and sparkles. You are a wonderful mistress.