Flies, but not a bird? 9 strange flying animals

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Flies, but not a bird? 9 strange flying animals

Almost all birds can fly, we know well about it. Also flies a large number of insects, some mice and foxes. But did you hear about flying fish, snakes, frogs? This may seem strange, but even among the representatives of these species of animals there are flyers. They developed the ability to fly during evolution not just so, apparently, this was required by many factors. These animals do not fly in the literal sense of the word, however, can be relatively long to soar in the air, since they have special devices on their body that gives them such an opportunity. But we like to call them more «flying» animals, and not «soaring».

Bat fish can jump out of the water and fly over the surface to 50 meters over the surface in order to hide from the enemy. It’s hard to believe in it until you see your own eyes. They can spend out of the water about 45 seconds and jump up to a height of up to 60 meters! It is inhabited mainly in tropical and subtropical seas, where the water temperature does not fall below 20 degrees Celsius.

Discovered in Malaysia, these animals can boast an unusual structure of the limbs that allow them to soar between trees. The ability to make such small flights of frogs developed during evolution in order to escape from enemies. Unlike many other types of frogs, these creatures live exclusively on trees, where they spend their entire lives, therefore differ from their ground relatives.

Famous called «Flying Snake», Snake

You will be surprised, but flying belongs to the family of protein. It is worth noting that this is the only protein capable of flying. The subfamily has 44 different species, and all of them are volatile. These proteins have a special structure and body shape that allow it to soar between trees. Between the front and rear paws are skin membranes, which during the flight are deployed, turning the protein into a mini parachute. The ability to fly to these creatures is vital in order to escape from enemies, as they are a delicious snack for some non-flying predators.

This is a plane? Or maybe a bird? This animal is called

Perhaps as a child, you had to see such representatives of the ants with wings and able to fly, that a lot was surprised at you, since ordinary ants run on the ground and do not seek the sky. In fact, flying ants are the same ants who are all used to seeing without wings, but when it comes to multiply, some of them grow wings. Females are the uterus of ants, males are their partners. After mating, flying anti-males die in a couple of hours, and females continue to live to find a new comfortable nesting place, where they will be able to postpone the eggs and bring a new colony.

This squad of extinct reptiles is often confused with dinosaurs, but they did not have a direct relationship. Pterosaurs are known for the fact that they were the first spine and had the ability to fly. This group also included the largest flying creatures ever dwelling on our planet —

Flying squid is not only a very strange creature, but one of the most mysterious. They use their abilities to jump out of the water in order to escape from enemies. But the most strange is that these squids do not just hide over the surface of the water, but truly fly. These marine animals can be called flying. While scientists only guess how squid managed to fly, because, as you can see, their body is not entirely adapted to flights.

One of the most strange flying creatures is a flying lizard — belongs to the family

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