Foam cone: What is needed to do

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Foam cone: What is needed to do

Currently, a lot of different types of needlework. For each of them, certain materials and tools are needed. For example, there will be ribbons, scissors, candle, tweezers for clanshi; For embroidery — Threads Moulin, Falls, Needles; For queen — Colored paper, scissors. Next, we will look at what a cone is needed from foam, as they do. First you need to stock foam yourself and, of course, patience. Required tools: acute knife, line, circulation, pencil or marker.

The foam of the required size and a knife with small cloth is taken. A rectangle is cut out of a piece of foam. After the four upper angle is cut. The middle of the top base will be the top of the cone. We must try to formed the semblance of a cone. Then round the base of the future cone. From the base to the top of the cone, we cut off unnecessary side parts. Everything should be done carefully. If you are inappropriate to cut more, the cone will no longer succeed or will be small. The sidewalls of the cone must be smooth and smooth. As a result, a form with a round base and top is obtained.

The base may not be round, but quadrangular. Then this figure will be called the pyramid. The sidewalls in this case are not rounded, but straight.

Now consider how you can make a Christmas tree from a foam cone. For this, the preparation is taken — cone. To decorate it, you can use various materials. For example, buttons. In every house they will have. Multicolored, small, large, round, square — buttons will give the future product, a pretty look. The cone from the foam is sewn or glued buttons. Compliance with some order is not required. Between them you can add beads, beads or rhinestones. It all depends on the fancy of the Creator.

And it is possible a cone from the foam to reagree with a colorful cloth, and to sew small toys, balls. Many options. Without a doubt, the product will be beautiful and original.

To make a foam cone, use a special machine with a turntable and computer graphics. To begin with, you dial the size of the future cone: height, the diameter of the base. On the machine foaming the cylindrical shape. When you start the program, special knives are cut out the cone shape. Everything is done very quickly, and the workpiece is perfect forms.

Unlike the machine, the cone from the foam can be turned out not quite smooth. But it is easy to fix it. For example, using plaster or plasticine. For this, the gypsum is bred in water (it is important that it does not harde), then align the side surface of the cone. Of course, the Master should have an accurate eye and skills of working with plaster material.

From the finished cone make various types of Christmas trees and other trees, dolls, toys, gnomes, animals. This form is advisable to use as a roof of a house or high lock.

A ready cone from foam in stores is expensive. Made by your own hands will not differ from the store. This is provided that the wizard knows how to make an ideal form correctly. If you can’t make it possible to make a cone from the foam, it can be created from other technicians. For example, from cardboard paper or rigid foil. The most important thing is to determine correctly. The following tools will help this: Circle, pencil, scissors, ruler and others. For the resistance of the cone, some are added inside wool, paper, old rag. Without a doubt, it will turn out such a thing that no one else.

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