Force of gravity. Gravitational field of land

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Force of gravity. Gravitational field of land

Gravity, it is an attraction or a lot — this is a universal property of matter that all items and bodies in the universe are possessed. The essence of gravity is incorporated in that all material bodies attract all other bodies around.

If gravity is a general concept and quality that all items in the universe are possessed, then earthly attraction is a particular case of this comprehensive phenomenon. The land attracts all the material objects on it. Thanks to this, people and animals can safely move on the ground, rivers, the sea and oceans — to stay within their shores, and the air is not to fly over the endless spaces of space, but to form an atmosphere of our planet.

There is a fair question: if all items have gravity, why land attracts people and animals to themselves, and not vice versa? First, we also attract the earth to themselves, simply, compared with her strength of attraction, our gravity is negligible. Secondly, the force of gravity is directly proportional to the mass of the body: the less the mass of the body, the lower its gravitational forces.

The second indicator on which the attraction force depends is the distance between the items: the more distance, the less the action of gravity. Including this, planets move on their orbits, and do not fall on each other.

It is noteworthy that with its spherical form of land, the moon, the sun and other planets are obliged precisely by force. It acts in the direction of the center, tightening the substance to it, which makes the «body» of the planet.

The gravitational field of the Earth is a powerful energy field that is formed around our planet due to the action of two forces:

Since gravity, and centrifugal force acts constantly, then the gravitational field is permanent.

An insignificant effect on the field has the strengths of the sun, the moon and some other celestial bodies, as well as the atmospheric masses of the Earth.

English physicist, Sir Isaac Newton, according to a famous legend, once walking around the garden in the afternoon, saw the moon in the sky. At the same time, an apple fell from the branch. Newton then studied the law of movement and knew that the apple falls under the influence of the gravitational field, and the moon rotates in orbit around the Earth.

And here, in the head, a brilliant scientist, insult, came to the idea that, perhaps, the apple falls to the ground, obeying the same force, thanks to which the moon is in his orbit, and not worn randomly throughout the Galaxy. So the law of global gravity was opened, he is the third law of Newton.

In the language of mathematical formulas, this law looks like this:




D 2


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