From whom and from what the floor of the future child depends during conception: from chance, men or women?

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From whom and from what the floor of the future child depends during conception: from chance, men or women?

It is quite logical that any pair, waiting or planning to continue the kind, is interested, from which the sex of the child depends. Unfortunately, the child’s sexuality is surrounded by illogical myths, contradictory sense and laws of biology and physiology.

In our article, we will dispel these myths and will figure it out, from which the sex of the child depends from a person, and also consider, from whom it is dependent — from a man or from a woman. Separately, let’s touch the question, from which the sex of the child depends when the child is conceived, and how can affect this process.

Each somatic human cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, which carry genetic information — such a set of chromosomes is called diploid (46 chromosomes). 22 pairs are called autosomas and do not depend on the gentle of man, therefore, they are the same in men and women.

The chromosome of the 23rd pair is called sex, since they are precisely the sexuality. These chromosomes may differ in shape, and they are accepted with letters X or Y.

Sex cells of a person, spermatozoa and egg cells, contain 23 chromosome instead of 46 — such a set is called haploid. Such a set of chromosomes is necessary for the formation of already diploid zygotes — cells formed during the merging of the sperm and egg cell, which is the first stage of the development of the embryo. But still the sex of the child depends on the man. Why? We’ll see now.

Chromosomal set of men and women

Many are still asked by the question «from whom the sex of the child depends: from a woman or a man?» The answer is obvious if you deal with what genital chromosomes are carrying sex cells.

The egg cell always has a sexual X chromosome, the spermatozoa can also contain both X and Y-chromosome. If the egg fertilizes spermatozoa with x-chromosome, the gender will be feminine (23x + 23x = 46xx). In the case when spermatozoa with Y-chromosome merges with an egg, the sex of the child will be male (23x + 23y = 46xy). So from whom the sex of the child depends?

What does the sex of the child depend on when conception?

Women with feministic inclinations will have to or accept the fact that the sex of the child depends on the man, or the woman will be long and tested to influence themselves, modifying their diet, the frequency of sexual acts and sleep time, in no way in any way of birth of a boy or a girl .

On the way to the eggs at sperm, there are many obstacles:

Only one spermatozoa can be fertilized with an egg cell, and this sperm can be both a carrier of the X chromosome and Y-chromosome. What pose is a sexual intercourse, which diet has adhered to a man, etc. Does not affect which of the spermatozoa will be a «winner».

Chinese and Japanese methods involve the use of special tables for predicting the gender of the baby. From whom the sex of the child depends during conception? From a spermatozoa that fertilizes the egg. The Chinese persistently believed that the gender of the baby depends on the mother, therefore, this method is already deprived of any logical population.

It is possible to navigate to the Japanese method, if it is holy to believe that the compatibility of the pairs determines the horoscope exclusively, because the essence of this floor definition is the same. Remember, from which the floor of the future child depends during conception, studying this method!

Does that the date of birth of two partners affect the fact that after many years from sperm a man is the most dexterous and strong it is the x- or y-spermatozoa? Especially considering the randomity of the latter. This includes all sorts of methods that promise the birth of a child of a particular sex depending on the day of the menstrual cycle.

Another way to determine the floor of the future child

The pace of sexual life, as well as a diet, can affect the quality of sperm and on the likelihood of fertilization, but not on the floor of a potential baby.

Yes, and x-, and y-spermatozoa differ in non-calcium and potassium, but only a fragment of chromosome containing DNA. And about the influence of a woman should not speak at all — we all remember, from whom the parents depends on the floor.

Consequently, the folk methods of gender planning kids are based on the myths and ignorance of the features of the fertilization process, therefore it is impossible to relate seriously to them. But about what methods can be used to determine pregnancy at home, you will find here.

What used to be called toxicosis is now called gestosis. Gestosis is the result of the pathological adaptation of the female organism to pregnancy. The reasons of gestosis include violation of hormonal control of pregnancy, immunological changes, hereditary predisposition, features of placenta attachment and many other factors.

Gestoses are manifested in the form of hemodynamic disorders (for example, an increase in blood pressure), the deterioration of the function of the urinary system (nephropathy of pregnancy, manifested in the form of edema, the appearance of protein in the urine, etc.), in severe cases there is a pathology of blood clotting.

All the first signs of pregnancy are described in detail in this article. And here — painted, on what time and at what week, with the help of an ultrasound, it is possible to reliably learn the floor of the future child.