Gas burner welding on the balloon

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Gas burner welding on the balloon

For soldering of products from copper or other soft alloys, you can use the gas burner. This device has a sufficiently large number of features that should be considered when choosing the most suitable model. Gas burner for soldering copper or other soft alloys can be portable or fixed. In addition, the classification is conducted on many other features. Consider the gas burner device and its features of its use.

The design of the gas burner may differ significantly. It all depends on the characteristics of a particular model. The features of the design being created can be attributed to the following moments:

Gas burner device

To date, a self-made gas burner has received quite a lot of distribution. This is due to the fact that the design is simple, problems with its manufacture, as a rule, does not occur.

The use of gas burner is very extensive:

Soldering acetylene burner

Despite the sufficiently large spread of the burner, in most cases it is used for soldering various alloys. For example, soldering brass is carried out using a gas burner. It should be borne in mind that there is a fairly large number of varieties of the device, each has its own specific features.

As previously noted, there is simply a huge number of different versions of the device. For example, a gas burner for soldering copper pipes can differ constructively from other devices. The classification is carried out according to the following features:

Copper pipe burner

Also allocate the following varieties of devices:

There are structures for soldering solid solder or for heat shrinking. That is why it is recommended to make a choice depending on the scope of application and in many other signs, about the more I will talk more.

The homemade gas burner consists of the elements below:

Gas burner for soldering with their own hands can be created as follows:

Use of gas burner at home

After creating the design, the pressure in the cylinder should be optimized. At the time of work in the hose should not be air, as it makes the fire less stable. The flame length with proper pressure adjustment is approximately 40-50 mm. Working tools are quite simple in performance, make the gas burner for the metal soldering is quite quickly. However, the mistakes allowed may cause an unstable design of the structure. Therefore, attention should be paid to how the gas burner works.

On sale you can meet just a huge number of most varied gas burners. Manufacturers are also quite a lot, most attention is paid to the products of brands Rems and Rothenberger. The price range is quite wide, it all depends on the characteristics of a particular model.

Some burner models are designed not only for soldering, but also cutting metal and defrost, as well as surface treatment with high temperatures. The selection of the device is carried out by the following criteria:

When performing a brassing of copper pipes, a specific security technique should be followed. This requires:

In conclusion, we note that the use of gas burners should be compliance with the safety fur. Homemade structures should be checked before applying. As for the purchase of finished burners, it should immediately decide on the budget.

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Often, the soldering and welding of gas is used in the jewelry — when you need a high melting point and smooth items of the product details.

In the amateur practice, gas burners are not common, but there is nothing better than such a burner when soldering radiators, buildings and other parts requiring intensive warm-up. And how nice to heat the heat shrinking such a burner is just shine. Well, the lyrics are enough — let’s start reviewing.

Gas mini-burner Yarboly

It is designed both to heat the average size of parts and for the contact soldering of the solder through the heating of the flame. Single soldering iron without wires. The capacity of the gas reservoir is 8 ml. Flame temperature When refueling butane reaches 1300 degrees on the Celsius scale, and the temperature of the sting is 450 degrees. The flame length is adjustable from 4 to 6 cm. The burner length is 13 cm, and the diameter is 1.5 cm.

Little and inexpensive, the refueling is enough to secure several medium parts of the parts, there is nozzle for contact soldering, easily refilled.

It has nothing but a valve tank for refueling and nozzle with a gas supply regulator. The ZC57100 does not have a piezojaga and it comes in an inexpensive, so it will also have to buy a gas can be bought — for lighters will suit. In general, to solder two wires or heat the heat shrinking without a soldering iron — such a burner is enough. And the burner length is about 20 cm and the weight of 43 g.

This is the cheapest burner, which can be found at all and the price of such a micro burner is 200 rubles.

The cheapest, easily refills.

Little flame, quickly ends the refueling, no piezoeje.

This remarkable soldering iron from the brand producing gas equipment has a piezoejig and comes in a case with a set of 4 nozzles for soldering, a solder coil and a sponge for cleaning the sting. Thus, the claimed power of the soldering iron at a contact solder 137 W is a lot for a soldering iron with a length of 21 cm and weighing 120 g. Electric soldering irons such mass-darling characteristics and did not dream. This soldering iron is not positioned as a burner, but as a burner can be used — the flame is obtained with a pencil type.

Everyone is good by this soldering iron, except for the price of 2300 rubles, which is why he landed into 3 place.

The burner from the famous brand is convenient for soldering, a set of components, a good case, high thermal power.

This burner is designed not only for soldering, welding, repair of electronic devices and jewelry. The flame of this burner is certainly adjustable. You can charge a standard gas cylinder for lighters. The flame length is achieved 3 cm. The time of work is about 20 minutes. The flame temperature is achieved 1300 degrees Celsius. The length of the burner is exactly 20 cm.

Small sizes, presence of piezoprojaga, brand.

The flame length does not allow to warm up the parts of medium and large sizes.

It is positioned like a burner for construction and repair work. It looks very stylish. A corrugated handle is pleasant to go to her hand. It has a piezoelectric ignition system of flame. The cylinder capacity for highly purified butane is 22 ml. This amount of gas is enough for 110 minutes of continuous operation. The flame length is adjusted from 30 to 80 mm from acute wedge-shaped to a soft flame with yellow languages. The weight burned only 226 grams with a length of 14 cm.

A good option for desktop works, there is a stand, piezoejig, comfortable handle.


Very simple and narrow burner that dresses on a gas canister. The raglittor and a narrow nozzle allows you to sew the desired details in narrow places. There is no piezoejnignan, but it looks with a qualitative — circle metal and a large gas supply regulator. Butane cylinder allows you to receive about 1300 degrees Celsius from this burner.

This method of connecting metal parts as gas welding, more than a hundred years. Throughout this time, this technology continues to be successfully improved, although other welding methods in which an electric arc is used is developing more actively and displaced the welding in which the gas burner is used.

This method of compounding metals, as gas welding, implies melting of the materials connected, as a result of which a homogeneous structure is formed. The combustion of gas, at the expense of which heating and the melt of the metal is carried out, is provided by introducing into a gas mixture of pure oxygen. This method of compounding metals is distinguished by a number of advantages.

This method has disadvantages.

Gas welding pipe from the lower position

Gas welding technology involves the use of various types of gases, the choice of which depends on a number of factors.

One of the gases used for welding is oxygen. This gas is characterized by the absence of color and odor, it acts as a catalyst, activating the melting processes of the combined or cut material.

In order to store and transport oxygen, special cylinders are used in which it is contained under constant pressure. Upon contact with technical oil, oxygen can ignite, so the possibility of such contact itself should be excluded. Cylinders, which contain oxygen, must be stored in rooms protected from heat sources and sunlight.

A welding oxygen is obtained by highlighting it from ordinary air, for which special devices are used. Depending on the degree of its purity, oxygen is three types: the highest (99.5%), the first (99.2%) and the second (98.5%) variety.

For various manipulations with metals (welding and cutting), colorless gas acetylene C2H2 is also used. Under certain conditions (pressure exceeding 1.5 kg / cm2 and temperatures above 400 degrees), this gas can spontaneously explode. Acetylene is obtained when the calcium and water carbide interacts.

Device acetylene reducer

The advantage of using acetylene during metal welding lies in the fact that the temperature of its combustion allows you to easily carry out this process. Meanwhile, the use of cheaper gases (hydrogen, methane, propane, kerosene couples) does not make it possible to obtain such a high combustion temperature.

To carry out welding of metals, except gas, wire and flux are also needed. It is at the expense of these materials that the welding seam is created, all its characteristics are formed. Wire, which is used for welding must be clean, without signs of corrosion and paint on its surface. In some cases, as such a wire, it is possible to use a strip of the same metal that is subjected to welding. In order to protect the welding bath from external factors, it is necessary to use a special flux. As such a flux, boric acid and a bora are often used, which are applied directly to the surface of the welded metal or to the wire used for welding. A gas welding of carbon steel can be performed without flux, and when the parts are connected from aluminum, copper, magnesium and their alloys, such protection is necessary.

Gas welding technology involves the use of certain equipment.

Equipment required for welding

Water shutter is necessary to ensure the protection of all elements of equipment (acetylene generator, pipes) from the reverse thrust of fire from the burner. Such a shutter, water in which should be at a certain level, is located between the gas burner and the acetylene generator.

The cylinder containing gas

Such cylinders are painted different paint depending on which gas is planned to be stored in them. Meanwhile, the upper part of the cylinder does not paint to eliminate the contact of the gas with paint components. It should also be borne in mind that the cylinders in which acetylene is stored cannot be installed copper valves, as this can lead to a gas explosion.

It is used to reduce gas pressure leaving the cylinder. Reducers can be direct or reverse action, and for liquefied gas, models with fins are used, which exclude its extinction when exit.

Gas welding cannot be performed without the use of special hoses, according to which both gas and combustible fluids can be supplied. Such hoses are divided into three categories marked 1) with a red stripe (working at a pressure of up to 6 atmospheres), 2) with a yellow strip (for supplying combustible liquids), 3) with a blue strip (operated at a pressure of up to 20 atm).


Mixing gases and their combustion is provided by the use of a burner, which may be injector and uninterblary type. Burners are classified and in its power, which characterizes the amount of gas is passed per unit time. So, there are burners of large, medium, small and micromal power.

Gas welding is carried out on a specially equipped place, which is called post. In fact, such a place is a table that can be with a rotary or fixed table top. This table, equipped with exhaust ventilation and everything necessary for storing auxiliary tool, makes great easier for the work of the welder.

Adjusting the flame parameters is carried out using a gearbox that allows you to change the composition of the gas mixture. With the help of a gearbox, a flame of three main types can be obtained: a reducing (used for welding of almost all metals), oxidative and with an increased amount of combustible gas. When welding metals in the molten bath, two processes occur simultaneously — oxidation and recovery. At the same time, when welding aluminum and magnesium, oxidative processes proceed more actively.

Scheme of gas welding

To improve the quality of the seam and zone, which adjacent to it, perform additional heating or the so-called thermal forging of the metal.

Welding technologies of various metals have their own nuances.

For semi-automatic gas welding technology, it is necessary to use an electric arc and protective gas, which makes this method of compounding metals hybrid.

This technology, if it is disassembled in more detail, looks like this:

On each of the welding parameters performed by a semi-automatic manner, there are parameters that are stipulated by the corresponding gtales:

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