How and how to wash the paint from clothes at home, if it dried

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How and how to wash the paint from clothes at home, if it dried

Paints are used not only in repair, they are also used for coloring crafts. With inaccurate use, it can enter clothing, floor, table and other surfaces. In order for the fabric to finally deteriorate, and the thing was not necessary to throw away, you can use various means to remove stains.

In this article, consider simple and popular methods, how to wash the paint from clothes, if she dried, or the traces are still fresh. The described methods allow you to remove the paint of different types of oil, acrylic, watercolor and hair dyeing at home.

Fresh acrylic stains need to quickly flush with a paper towel, toilet paper or napkins. It is impossible to rub the paint in order not to increase the area of ​​pollution. Then the thing is rolled in warm water, the dishwashes, medical alcohol or sunflower oil poured on the spot, after softening the residues of the paint are removed with a thin, stupid item. If used oil, the thing in front of the washing machine is soaked in hot water and is soapy soap. Further, the product first erases with your hands, only after that it is placed in a typewriter.

The dried dye first scraps by a knife, a spoon, coin, a manicure and brush. To soften acrylic, it can be previously treated with a spontaneity, rudely moistened in isopropyl alcohol, after which the thing is erased in a typewriter.

Natural fabrics blurred by acrylic paint can be cleaned with windows wash and acetone. First, the stain is processed by a window cleaner, and acetone is applied on top of it. When acrylic softens, it can be cleaned with a coin, a knife or a sawn. Solvent residues are removed with a dry napkin. The procedure is carried out until full removal of stains. At the end of cleaning, clothes are erased as usual.

To quickly wash clothes from acrylic paint, its traces are pre-processed by specially prepared compositions.

Stains from acrylic will help soften purified gasoline, vanish stain pressure or any other solvent.

Any of these solvents is applied with a spontaneity on the paint, and after 10-15 minutes after softening the dye is caressed with his hands. At the completion of cleaning, the thing is erased in the traditional way.

To remove the oil paint, you can use the means that are in the kitchen of any mistress.

You can use the usual liquid soap. It is poured on a stain, and after 15-20 minutes. washed off with warm water, then the thing is erased in the traditional way.

Stuffed tissue products with a stable dye can be cleaned from the dye on an oil-based gasoline, acetone or turbidar. Any of these means is staining to completely disappear, after that the thing is erased with hands or in the washer in the standard mode.

The dried paint is initially removed with a blunt knife or manicure pail, then softened by some means: vegetable oil, gasoline, turbidar, acetone, and sent to the washing machine.

If the watercolor only hit clothes, the thing is quickly soaked in cold water, and stains stained with a powder or a household soap. For light products, the bleach is additionally used, after which they are erased as usual.

Drinking watercolor trails can be removed with soap with the addition of other components.

Before washing, the blurred watercolor clothes can be treated with water, soda and hydrogen peroxide, connected in the same proportion. From all tissues, except delicate, it is allowed to remove the stains of the dye slightly heated vinegar. Depending on the type of material, you can choose a special stain remover. Before use, read the instructions, and efficiency and security check on a small area of the material. The most famous bleachers are Vanish, Stork, Bos, Sarma, Antipetatin.

The dried watercolor on clothes will help soften glycerin, connected in equal shares with ethanol. After 1/4 hours after treatment with a mixture of stains, clothing is caressed in warm water using any detergent. The finish washing is made in the typewriter for clothing mode.

Resistant spots from watercolor paint are removed with boiling in a specially prepared solution. In 1 liter of water, 1 dining spoon of grated soap, ammonic alcohol, peroxide and calcined soda are falling asleep. In sufficient amounts of the mixture, the evaporated clothing is soaked and boiled on small heat for at least 30 minutes. After boiling, the object is erased by the usual method, is rid of cool water with the addition of air conditioner.

Stains from hair paint are best overwhelmed immediately after the appearance. The dried traces will help remove the lacquer sprayed on them, its components actively split the dye.

White clothing before washing half an hour is soaked in a conventional bleach or hydroperite solution, and light things can be placed in citric acid or lemon fresh, connected from 0.1 liters of warm water. If, after washing with conventional powder, the stains were not removed, the procedure is repeated again. Spots from natural materials (silk, wool) are especially well disbelled.

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