How do I think millionaires? We think the same and the rod.

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How do I think millionaires? We think the same and the rod.

Tips that you need to read a lot and less work in the office, of course, are good, but unsuitable, because it is not whatever you need to become a wealthy person.

This requires a special mind warehouse and a mood, which is created just thanks to certain habits, because there are no wonder the millionaires are similar. As with those who barely reduces the ends with the ends.

The rules of the life of people who have achieved success are worthy of learning about them.

Wealthy people do a lot differently: they do not shout about their money and do not try to demonstrate what they are successful.

It is the excessiveness, sometimes comic and ridiculous, issues novels and people who want to seem «their» among wealthy people.

Any rich man will repeat you «Mantra» of the district therapist: «Prevention is better than treatment.»

To be healthy, not necessarily be rich. Fresh air, power and sleep mode, no bad habits — all this is worth nothing but your efforts.

If money becomes an end in itself, a person loses touch with reality. Therefore, rich people are engaged in charity and organize private funds that can quickly solve many questions without any extra bureaucracy.

Super, tell you, they have money — why not help? But the help does not need to be material, the main thing is to take part in someone else’s fate and do it disinterestedly.

The point is not even that it is elementary politeness, without which you never become your wealthy people. The ability to experience gratitude and express appreciation has a lot of power.

As Robert Townsend, the former Avis President and one of the managers of 20th Century Fox, noticed, «» Thank you «- a seriously undervalued form of compensation for work.» Simple words of gratitude help build relationships and capable of inspiring others.

Remember the expression «Want to feed a person once — give him fish. Give him a rod, teach him to catch fish — and will you feed him for life «? It is such a «rod» and is a good education.

New knowledge and skills are new opportunities for development, self-realization and earnings, so education is an investment in life.

Millionaires are very careful about who surrounds them. After all, it is known that this attracts like that.

Experience is invaluable if there is a successful person who is ready to share them, stupidly miss this opportunity — those who do not care about the increase in prices for housing and communal services. They find those who are ready to help them and with them on the same wave.

Things are no longer a status demonstration, most of them can afford to themselves and with average sufficiency — on credit, of course, but the fact remains.

Demonstrative consumption and life in debt — the lot of those who do not think about the future.

Too often rich people have to deal with «gold leaving» and hunters for their states. They learned to rely entirely on themselves and brought 2 rules that allow separating personal relations from financial: not to advertise their income and have a personal account.

This is a matter of confidence, but appropriate. The personal airbag is needed not because one is waiting for betrayal from the second, but because this money will ever be able to help you out, maybe even save a common family budget. And they give a feeling of security.


Money can only provide a sense of satisfaction, help in solving household problems, but as soon as you acquire everything you need, the joy from them will be less and less, even if the income will only grow. Such a paradox.

All decisions on costs should be taken on the basis of current financial capabilities and the feasibility of ownership of the subject, wealthy people are sure.

Do you think that the principle of life of rich people is worth taking up?